30 May

3 Easy Ways to Say Thanks!

Saying “thank you” is an important and easy way to show you are grateful for someone else’s good deed. When you say ‘thank you,’ you show your good manners and that you care. Of course, saying the words “thank you” is not the only way to show gratitude. Here are some other ways to say thanks:

Write a special card. Writing a card can be the perfect way to recognize a gift from someone you don’t often see.

Make a special treat. For a unique way of showing thanks, try making someone their favorite food.

Lend a helping hand. When someone helps you, be on the lookout to repay the favor and help them in return.

Whichever way you choose to say thank you, the main thing to remember is that by doing so you are showing someone that you care.

How to Write a Thank-you Note

Brainstorm. Before you start to write, think about what you want to say. Each note is different so what you write might change.

Organize your letter. Include important parts of a letter like a greeting and a description of why you are grateful.

Practice first. Write out your note on a separate piece of paper to avoid making mistakes on your final copy.

Just write it! It can be easy to stall and then forget to write a thank-you note. Try to write and send your thank-you note as soon as possible.