26 Oct

Crossword – Double Meaning – Double Take

Have you ever noticed that many words have more than one meaning? Put your word skills to the test with this puzzle. Each clue has two hints, but only one answer. Good luck!

1. If something is neat it might be called____, and if it’s not quite cold it could be this.
4. If you’re not a Mrs. you could be one, and if you’re playing ball you might swing and ____.
5. A king can be called this, and you can use a _____ to measure things.
6. The holiday ______ is a fun time of year, and you might do this to make food taste better.
7. This is a color, and going _____ means you’re doing good for the environment.
9. Whole wheat sandwich _____ is healthy for you, and this is a term used for money.
10. If you think someone is crazy, you might call them ____, and almonds are a type of these.

1. If you’re a scaredy-cat you could be called one, and you might eat a _______ egg for breakfast.
2. You might have a ______ in your step or call this your favorite season.
3. You can throw one, and when you’re having fun, you’re having a ____.
8. It’s nice to write a ____ to say thanks for a gift, and this is a musical term.
9. This is the color of the sky, and you might feel ____ when you’re sad.