26 Mar

Quiz Do You Know Your Investment Lingo?

The investment world is filled with many acronyms and terms – some that you’re probably familiar with, like IRA (individual retirement account) and some that may be unfamiliar, like ETF (exchange-traded fund). Test your investment smarts by filling in the investment lingo crossword puzzle, using the definitions below.


3. An indicator that represents the value of the securities within it
6. A group of assets operated by an investment company that you can purchase shares of
10. Dividing investments among different kinds of assets


1. Combining a variety of investments to reduce portfolio risk
2. Certificate of Deposit
4. An individual, corporation or group legally responsible for another party’s assets
5. The amount by which a selling price exceeds the purchase price
7. Initial Public Offering
8. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
9. An investor who thinks that the market is going to fall

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Diversification cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.
Investment products:
Not federally insured
Not a deposit of this institution
May lose value

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