23 Jul

6 Tips for Traveling with Friends

If you remember the popular 1950s sitcom, “I Love Lucy,” you may recall that best friends and neighbors, Lucy and Desi Arnaz and Ethel and Fred Mertz, loved doing everything together. A group vacation, however, nearly ruined their friendship.

Lots of friends decide that taking a vacation together could be more enjoyable than traveling alone. With these common sense tips you can help ensure that you remain friends following the trip, too.

  1. Share the planning. Selecting a destination and what activities you’ll be doing can be great fun when it’s a group decision. Perhaps you share a common interest or hobby, such as touring museums or playing golf. Consider planning your trip around what you have in common.

  2. Make advance arrangements. Booking travel, accommodations and some activity reservations ahead of time can reduce decision making and stress during the trip itself.

  3. Respect each other’s budgets. If one friend has a stricter travel budget than the others, consider making choices that stay within monetary guidelines for all parties.

  4. Look out for each other. A major benefit of traveling in a group is greater safety. You can also help each other if anyone needs assistance.

  5. Be willing to compromise. Unplanned opportunities may pop up during your travels. Don’t be afraid to stray from your itinerary to stroll through a street bazaar or stop for photo opportunities. Try to be flexible so that everyone gets to do something that interests them.

  6. Remember you are friends. Most trips come with minor setbacks. Going with the flow and respecting each other’s feelings goes a long way toward remaining friends once back home.

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