08 Feb

A New Year, a New You

You may have heard your parents or teachers talk about their New Year’s resolutions, but what does that mean? A New Year’s resolution is a goal you set out to achieve in the coming year. Some examples include doing better in school, making new friends or exercising more. What are some resolutions you can try?

Read on:

  • Work harder on your homework. Maybe you haven’t been trying your hardest in class, and you’d like to turn that around. Talk to your teacher to see what you can do to boost your grades.
  • Befriend a shy kid at school. Perhaps there is a student in your class who few people talk to or play with. Reach out and ask him or her to sit with you at lunch.
  • Recycle more. Ask your parents if you can start recycling more items around your house. You can even talk to your teacher to see what you can recycle at school.
  • Eat more vegetables. You may hear it from your mom all the time: Eat your veggies. Maybe this year you can try some new vegetables – and fruit!


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