02 Jul

Are You a Savvy Shopper? Take This Quiz!

Being a smart shopper means keeping an eye on prices, certainly, but it also entails understanding the products you buy so you can choose what’s best for you. See how your consumer knowledge stacks up with this short, fun quiz.

1. How long can luncheon meats and egg, tuna and macaroni salads be safely stored in the refrigerator?

a. one to two days
b. three to five days
c. six to seven days

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables always have higher nutritional value than canned or frozen.

a. True
b. False

3. Which costs less for a baby’s first year — cloth diapers or disposables?

a. cloth
b. disposable

4. Which type of light bulb lasts longest?

a. LED (light-emitting diode)
b. CFL (compact fluorescent lamps)
c. halogen incandescent

5. When buying sunscreen, a higher SPF always offers better protection.

a. True
b. False

6. Using your Navigator Debit Card at the checkout:

a. is fast and convenient
b. helps keep your private information secure
c. allows you to easily track your spending
d. all of the above


1. b. Refrigerated foods should be stored at 40 degrees F or below.

2. b. False. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are packed at the peak of their freshness. Some fresh produce loses significant nutritional value if not eaten within a few days of harvest.

3. a. A comparison done by Mint.com determined costs for disposable diapers were $800 compared to $584 for reusable diapers in a baby’s first year.

4. a. LED bulbs last 25 times as long as traditional incandescent bulbs. CFLs last about 10 times longer, and halogen bulbs last up to three times longer. Of the three, LEDs use the least electricity.

5. b. False. Products with sky-high SPFs may protect against sunburn but could leave your skin exposed to damaging UVA rays. SPF stands for “sun protection factor,” and refers only to protection against UVB radiation, which burns the skin. It has little to do with protection from sun’s UVA rays, which penetrate deep into the skin, suppress the immune system, accelerate skin aging and may cause skin cancer. Products labeled “Broad Spectrum SPF” provide protection against UVA as well as UVB.

6. d. A Visa® Debit Card comes with our free checking account. It’s the choice for savvy shoppers! Don’t have one? Apply today at www.navigatorcu.org.


0 to 1 correct: Your shopping habits may be costing you! Some research before you buy can help you make better decisions.

2 to 4 correct: You like to compare prices and shop smart, but also know when a convenient purchase makes sense (even if more cents!) for you.

5 to 6 correct: The price is right for you! You’re a super savvy shopper.