01 Nov

Be a Smart Shopper

Jeans, T-shirts and other clothing may cost more this fall. But don’t despair if you need some new threads. Try these tips to make your clothing
budget go further.

Know what you need. Assess your wardrobe before you go shopping. Plan to replace essentials that no longer fit or are worn out.

Update your look with accessories instead of more clothes. Statement jewelry, a colorful scarf or simply adding a belt or a vest can take a basic shirt and jeans up a notch. Plus they save closet space!

Think about complete outfits when you buy. To get the most mileage from your clothes, buy items that are versatile.

Hit sales racks, discount department stores or outlet malls. Popular styles at lower prices – enough said!

Consider a clothing and accessories swap with friends or relatives. Trading clothes, bags and jewelry can be a fun and free way to give new life to items your best friend or stylish cousin no
longer wears.


Shop second-hand stores. Consignment shops are ideal places to find gently used (and sometimes never worn) designer brands at a much lower cost than new.