22 Sep

Thank You for Choosing Navigator Credit Union

During this season, many people spend time thinking about what they’re thankful for. The staff and management at Navigator Credit Union are no different. We’re thankful for you!

You and our other members are the reason we strive to provide convenient financial tools, expert advice and unbeatable service. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Thanksgiving reminds most of us once a year to think of what we’re thankful for, but it can be a worthwhile exercise year-round, too. Research shows that grateful individuals tend to enjoy better psychological and physical health.* You can increase your feelings of gratitude — and, potentially, happiness — by intentionally practicing it. Try these steps:

  1. Notice the good things in your life. Take a moment to look for the little things you may often take for granted, such as a beautiful sunset or sunrise, the way a friend makes you laugh or a warm coat on a cold day.
  2. Savor the things you’re grateful for. Absorb the feeling of genuine gratitude when it strikes you. When something makes you say, “Wow! That is amazing!” pause and soak it up.
  3. Start a gratitude journal. Every day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Or post notes that say, “I’m thankful for ______” or “I’m glad ______” where you’ll see them daily. Every time you look at the note, take a moment to fill in the blank with whatever is true at the moment.

Expressing your gratitude can help spread it around, benefiting those around you. We hope you benefit from this brief expression of our gratitude for you! Thanks for being a loyal member of Navigator Credit Union.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

* Source: Personality and Individual Differences, January 2013.
22 Sep

Stay Close to Finances When You’re a Thousand Miles Away Make Yourself at Home with Shared Branches

Credit unions differ from banks first and foremost by focusing on your interests as a member rather than their own profit margin. Providing personal service and a familiar atmosphere could make the difference for you, but what happens when you go on vacation or move away from Navigator Credit Union? This is where the use of a CO-OP Shared BranchSM presents a convenient benefit.

Shared Branching Basics

The CO-OP Shared Branch network is a cooperative effort by credit unions regionally and nationwide to help provide certain services to you when visiting a Navigator Credit Union branch location isn’t a convenient option. You can simply visit a nearby, participating credit union to freely conduct many transactions you’d normally complete at your Navigator Credit Union branch.

The typical services available through shared branching include:

  • Deposits
  • Fund withdrawals
  • Transferring funds between accounts
  • Balance inquiries
  • Processing of loan payments and advances

Although sometimes requiring a fee, select locations will provide members the ability to purchase travelers checks, official checks and money orders.

How to Prepare for a Shared Branch Visit

The list of required materials and information to bring is a short one, but knowing it ahead of time will help you avoid any unnecessary delay. The teller will need to know the name of your credit union and your account number. The latter cannot be looked up on your behalf so always be prepared to present it. Aside from these few bits of information, a photo ID is generally the only other thing required before you can enjoy the same convenient access to your account you’ve come to expect from Navigator Credit Union.

To find shared branching locations throughout the USA visit https://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/