15 Apr

Navvi-Gator prize of the quarter winner

Congratulations to Salena Sanders of Vancleave! Salena, a member of the Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club, is the lucky winner of Bernie the Bear and his Wagon Full of Toys. Salena is ten years old and in the fourth grade. This bright young lady loves to color and draw and dreams of becoming an artist. Salena is saving money for college. She has a bright future ahead of her and is already on the right path to success. Great job, Salena, and keep saving!

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15 Apr

A-maze-ing puddle jump!

It’s wet outside. Dizzy Duck wants to jump in puddles. But he forgot his rain boots by the rock on the other side of the park. He’s not allowed to get his feet wet. Can you help him get to his rain boots? If you can, he can jump in puddles!

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Help Dizzy Duck find his way through the maze without getting his feet wet

15 Apr

Why are baby animals born in the spring?

It’s spring! And spring is the best. Here’s why: flowers, baseball, Easter eggs and baby animals.

Babies are so cute, no matter their shape or size. With spring in the air many babies will spring up at zoos, farms and out in the wild. Some will be furry, fluffy or feathered. Why is spring the perfect time for baby animals to be born?

  • Warm weather. Sun and warmer temperatures make it easier for small babies to survive.
  • Moisture. In some areas of the world spring means the snow has melted, rain showers are on their way and new plants will burst from the earth.
  • Plentiful food. When it’s warm and there’s moisture, it’s easier for babies and their moms to find food to maintain energy and grow.

Spring is about new beginnings, change and growth. Speaking of change and growth, if you have a jar full of coins, you should put it in a savings account at Navigator Credit Union. Over time, keep adding to it and watch it grow — just like zoo babies do. Start smart money habits now. Ask your parents to come with you to visit your neighborhood branch today!

Sources: “Learn About Baby Animals”

15 Apr

What happens at the store checkout?

How much will it cost to pay for everything in your shopping cart? The answer is at the store checkout. Here’s how it works:

  • Your family fills up the cart with the things you are going to buy.
  • You hear a “beep” when the cashier scans the price for each item.
  • Most items for sale have a barcode that can be scanned. A barcode is a special code with numbers inside. A computer adds up the numbers.
  • If you use a coupon, that amount is subtracted from the total. That means you save money!
  • If you pay with cash, the cash register opens. The cashier gives change back in dollars and coins.
  • A credit or debit card can be used to pay instead of cash. The card slides through a machine and your parent may sign their name. Or, they might enter a code with four numbers (called a PIN).
  • The cashier prints out a receipt that shows what you bought and how much you paid for it. Don’t forget to take your shopping bag and say “thank you!”

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15 Apr

Grow your own flower garden!

Flowers look pretty and smell good. Some even provide food for animals, such as butterflies and other insects. Warmer weather means spring is a great time to plant flowers. Talk to your parents and see if you can have a flower garden of your very own!

You’ll need:

  1. A container such as a flower box or
    deep pot.
  2. Potting mix (soil that helps flowers grow).
  3. Watering can.
  4. Flowers ready to plant.

A greenhouse or farmers market will have many different types of flowers for you to choose from. Some flowers grow best in the sun, and others are made for the shade! Your parents can help you choose flowers that will grow best in your garden.

Ask your parents to help you plant your garden in the pot with the potting soil. Leave some room between the flowers so they have room to grow more leaves and flower blooms. Then, don’t forget to water your flowers. You’ll need to take care of your flowers as they grow during the spring and summer. Be sure to keep them watered when it’s hot and dry!


Money doesn’t grow from dirt, but it can grow in your Navigator Credit Union savings account. When you deposit money in your savings account, it earns extra money called dividends. The longer you save, the more it can earn!