01 Nov

Figuring Out the Dollars and Sense of Car Insurance

You may be looking forward to buying your first car. But if you think the price tag starts and ends with the vehicle, think again! Car insurance can cost a bundle, especially for young drivers.

Each family works out its own rules about who pays the car insurance bill, or how it’s divided. But no matter who pays, it makes sense to do what you can to keep costs down.

Help put the brakes on high insurance costs:

  • Drive safely. You probably already know the drill: Always wear your seat belt, don’t speed, don’t get distracted, keep distance between yourself and other cars, limit the number of passengers and watch out for “the other guy.”
  • Pick a safe car. Steer clear of older vehicles that don’t offer as much crash protection as today’s cars. And don’t choose a sports car or one with high performance features that encourage reckless driving.
  • Be a good student. Many insurance companies give discounts to students who maintain at least a “B” average.