27 Jul

Get a Social Life for Half Price

Do you love social activities but lack the money to go out? Don’t underestimate the fun factor of cheap (or even free!) group outings. It’s possible to have twice the fun on half the money (or less) if you watch for deals and use your creative skills.

Shop ‘til you drop for less. If your friends like to meet at the mall, try mixing it up and shopping the secondhand stores instead. You can find cool stuff (as well as some strange and hilarious items) at deeply discounted prices. Still miss the mall atmosphere? Pack some refreshments from home to enjoy on a park bench – where the people-watching may be just as entertaining!

Kick it for free at home. You can spend a small fortune catching a movie at the theater with friends. Why not host a game or movie night at home instead? Everyone can bring their favorite game or movie and enjoy snacks and sodas at a fraction of the cost.

Save it for later. Spending less on entertainment now means you can save money for bigger, better stuff in the future. Don’t forget to deposit your extra money in your savings account.