01 Nov

Get Yourself a Pen Pal

Do you like getting mail? Real mail? Developing a pen pal relationship where you exchange letters with someone special has all sorts of benefits, including:

  • Experience the fun. It’s not a bill or junk mail. It’s a letter just for you.
  • Anticipate the return letter. Knowing you have a response on the way is something to look forward to.
  • Foster long-term relationships. Whether it’s a friend you met at summer camp or a pal who’s moved away, writing regularly will help keep your relationship alive.
  • Improve writing skills. Having a pen pal will help hone your writing skills.

Finding a Pen Pal
If you’re unsure of who to write to, you can always write to someone new (after getting the OK from your parents). Ask your parents if you have relatives in other parts of the country who want to correspond. This is a great way to learn about your family.