15 Apr

Grow your own flower garden!

Flowers look pretty and smell good. Some even provide food for animals, such as butterflies and other insects. Warmer weather means spring is a great time to plant flowers. Talk to your parents and see if you can have a flower garden of your very own!

You’ll need:

  1. A container such as a flower box or
    deep pot.
  2. Potting mix (soil that helps flowers grow).
  3. Watering can.
  4. Flowers ready to plant.

A greenhouse or farmers market will have many different types of flowers for you to choose from. Some flowers grow best in the sun, and others are made for the shade! Your parents can help you choose flowers that will grow best in your garden.

Ask your parents to help you plant your garden in the pot with the potting soil. Leave some room between the flowers so they have room to grow more leaves and flower blooms. Then, don’t forget to water your flowers. You’ll need to take care of your flowers as they grow during the spring and summer. Be sure to keep them watered when it’s hot and dry!


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