01 May

Growing Green Tips for Learning How to Garden

Do you like digging in the dirt? Making a mess? Watching things grow? Then gardening may be the perfect hobby for you! Growing your own garden can be fun and healthy. Plus, gardening isn’t just for kids. Even grown-ups enjoy working in the garden.

If you want to try growing green (and red and orange and yellow …) in your yard, here are a few tips to get you started.

Make it your own. Ask your parents if you can pick out some plants at the garden store. If you’re building a raised bed, see if you can help with the construction. And once everything is planted, you can help pull weeds and water the garden.

Know what’s native. Choose plants that naturally grow in your area. These are called native plants. They will grow better than exotic species.

Wear your worst clothes. You will get dirty! Make sure you wash your hands after working in the garden. And take off those muddy shoes before going inside.

Make it yummy. Plant some fruits and vegetables, too. Squash and broccoli may not be your favorite foods now. But they taste much better when you grow them yourself.

Keep a journal. Write down which plants grow well and which ones struggle. Take pictures of each plant’s progress.

Celebrate your success. When it’s time to harvest, or pick your garden, share the flowers, fruits and vegetables with friends and family. They will be so proud of your hard work!

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