21 Oct

Hey, Generation X! Navigator Credit Union Is Here for You

At Navigator Credit Union, we provide value to all our members – no matter your age. From seniors and boomers to Gen Y and young children in generations yet to be named, we have the products and services that make your financial life easier. Generation X, everyone born from the mid 1960s to the late 1970s/early 1980s, have unique financial needs. And Navigator meets those needs in the following ways:

Account access wherever you go. Gen X members tend to move more than baby boomers, and are more likely to switch jobs. Even if you move out of state, you can conduct transactions at other credit unions through our shared branching network, and access your accounts using online banking or surcharge-free ATMs.

The latest technology. According to a 2009 MetLife survey, Generation X is extremely technologically savvy. Navigator is also on the cutting edge with our ‘N Touch online services including e-Bill Pay, e-Alerts, e-Statements and other e-Services. We know the importance of having account access right at your fingertips, and our convenient and secure online services deliver.

Affordable mortgage rates and experienced mortgage professionals. According to the MetLife survey, the majority of Gen Xers own homes, or would like to in the near future. Some worry about having enough money for a down payment. The mortgage professionals at Navigator can help take the guesswork out of applying for a mortgage. We will sit down and help you run the numbers based on the latest credit union loan rate. If you already own a home, we can also help you determine if refinancing is right for you.

BALANCE? and other financial education services.According to a Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, nine out of 10 people in their 30s are in debt, compared with 76% in their 20s. Generation X has incurred a great deal of student loan and consumer debt making it hard to save for retirement. As a member of Navigator Credit Union, you have access to BALANCE, a free financial counseling service. BALANCE counselors will look at what you owe and help you develop a plan to pay it off. We also offer free seminars on debt and other money management topics.

Working Hard for You

We know that when it comes to managing your money, you have different needs than your parents or your children. We have the products and services that are right for you. Find out more at www.navigatorcu.org.