23 Feb

Hey Generation Y! We’re Here for You

We serve members of all ages at Navigator Credit Union, and we love it when you connect with us in a multitude of ways. Generation Y (those born in the early 1980s to mid-1990s) tend to be early adopters of technology and online services. They search for fast, secure and innovative ways to manage their money on the go – and that’s what we do best!

Born in the Digital Age

It’s no surprise that the generation of kids who grew up with computers is comfortable making transactions online and via their mobile devices. They connect with everything – people, places, calendars, apps, their finances and more – from their computers and smartphones. They expect banking solutions to be transparent (no hidden surprises), quick and user-friendly.

The following products and services are geared for Gen Yers – and members of all ages – who prefer to be “plugged in”:

Online services – In a recent survey of Gen Yers, 80% used online banking within the past month, and most preferred e-bill pay rather than paper copies.* Go to https://navigatorcu.org to learn more about online banking and online bill pay with Navigator.

– Members of Gen Y tend to organize their finances electronically rather than dealing with paper filing. Their sense of environmental responsibility is a factor in their choice to reduce paper and save energy with e-Statements. Have you made the switch? Log in to ’N Touch Web and select e-Statements for your accounts.

Checking with a debit card – Gen Y uses debit cards more often than credit cards, while the reverse is true for the average American household.* With a debit card from Navigator Credit Union, you can manage your balance in real time and easily check your current balance through online banking or by setting up e-Alerts to notify you via email or text message of specific activities on your account.

Savings – Young people often struggle to build savings, but many Gen Yers are on the right track. More than 75% of those surveyed have a savings account, which is higher than any  other generation.* Do you have a savings plan? We can help you set up direct deposit or automatic transfers to make saving easier.

Loans – Of the Gen Yers surveyed who had personal loans, 36% applied for the loans online. When you need money for a car, college education or other big things in life, applying for a loan is quick and simple with Navigator. Visit www.navigatorcu.org to apply for your next loan.

Find Us Online and on Facebook – and Soon via Mobile

Visit our website at www.navigatorcu.org or “like” us on Facebook and you’ll receive notification of our new mobile banking app to be launched soon. As always, we love to hear your comments and feedback!

Source: Fiserv Inc. press release, March 1, 2010. Accelerant Research conducted the survey in 2009.