26 Oct

How to Keep Your Money Safe

Bobby was excited to get a birthday card from his grandparents. He tore it open right at the mailbox. As he read the card, he didn’t see the crisp, new $20 bill fall out.

Suzie hid three weeks’ worth of allowance in her school desk. She planned to go shopping with her best friend after school. Unluckily for her, someone else saw her stash the cash too.

Kyle couldn’t resist using the money his mom gave him for school supplies to buy his friends some snacks at the mall instead.

What do Bobby, Suzie and Kyle have in common? They didn’t keep their money safe. Bobby’s $20 was lost. Suzie’s allowance was stolen. Kyle spent his mom’s money on something other than its intended purpose.


You can learn from Bobby, Suzie and Kyle. Here are some ideas for protecting your cash:

  • Deposit gift money (or money you want to save for the future) in a savings account – before it can be lost.
  • Store money you plan on using soon (like Suzie) at home in a piggy bank or money box until you need it.
  • Buy what you need first. Then if anything is left over, you can buy something you want.

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