23 Jul

Income That Lasts a Lifetime

Imagine this … opening up your mailbox and seeing a paycheck month after month for the rest of your life – guaranteed! And what’s even better? That paycheck could go up each year to help keep pace with inflation.

One way to make sure that you always have money coming in during retirement, in addition to Social Security and any pension payment you receive, is to turn part of your savings into payments that are guaranteed to last for the rest of your life.

An income annuity, technically called an immediate income annuity, allows you to maximize your income while ensuring that you won’t run out of money.

The range of payout options include guaranteed monthly payments for life – income you cannot outlive. Not only does your annuity have a variety of lifetime income options for you, but it also offers joint income for you and a loved one or guaranteed income for just a set period of time.

I can help build a plan for your retirement income … a plan designed to provide peace of mind and reduce the worry about whether your money will last.

Give me a call at 228-474-3427 to schedule a no cost, no obligation appointment. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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Congratulations to Jeff Hamm, the 2011 CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. Perspectives Award recipient. Hamm, honored on a national level as the TOP Advisor in Overall Achievement, humbly accepted this award at the recent 2012 Focus Conference. Hamm was the sole recipient of the 2011 Perspectives Award and was recognized for upholding the highest standard of ethics, professionalism and attitude while substantially improving production and member relationships. Hamm was selected for this award by a committee comprised of Senior Industry Professionals and members of the CBSI Management Team. Navigator Credit Union is proud to have Jeff Hamm at the helm of its Navigator Financial Planning Services Program. Way to go, Jeff, for achieving this milestone in your career!