01 Nov

Landing a Job 5 Tips For Making A Great Impression

Are you ready to start looking for your first job? Maybe you’re eager to try your hand at something else and are looking for a new one. It feels great having a job and making your own money so you don’t always have to ask your parents for cash.

If you’re unsure how to make the right first impression on your job interview, try these tips:

1. Dress for success. Be sure your outfit is neat, ironed and clean. Also make sure you’re dressed up so your potential boss knows you’re serious.

2. Be prepared. Bring a folder with you containing your driver’s license number and the names of several references.

3. Practice makes perfect. Ask your parents or a good friend to run through several practice questions before the interview.

4. Check with your references. Be sure your references – teachers, counselors or coaches – are willing to speak on your behalf.

5. Be respectful and kind. When you apply, you never know if the person you’re handing your application to is the one who will be doing the hiring. Be respectful and kind to everyone you encounter when applying and interviewing.

These tips may help you land a job, but the best thing you can do is be yourself. Let your personality, great attitude and eagerness to work shine through to your future boss!