30 May

Make Your Own Family Tournament

Spring is a great time to get outside and to have some fun with your family. It’s also the perfect chance to start your first annual family tournament! A tournament is when you compete in a bunch of games in a row.

Think about some fun activities that you can make into a family tournament. Some can be board games played inside like Scrabble® or Chutes and Ladders®. Others can be outdoor games like a bean bag toss or a tricky game of croquet around backyard obstacles. You can even include some creative contests too. Try a “who can make the scariest monster” chalk drawing on the driveway or a dance contest!

Once you have picked your games, set points for each activity. Whoever gets the most points gets a prize. Then think of a fun homemade prize for the winner. One idea is a cool hat you all help decorate. Then the winner gets to wear it.

You can come up with your own ideas for a completely unique family tournament!