21 Oct

Managing Your Checkbook in the Modern Age

Your checkbook is like an old familiar friend – one you’ve known and trusted for years. But just as your relationships have evolved in recent years (as you chat with your kids on Skype or connect with an old friend on Facebook), so should your relationship with your checkbook. Here are some reasons why you might want to turn to technology to manage your checking account.

  1. It’s greener. Receiving e-statements instead of paper statements is a great way to save a few trees. Plus, you will receive e-statements faster than their paper counterparts, and you don’t have to find the room to file them; they are already neatly organized and accessible via our online banking service.
  2. It’s more up-to-date. Ever balance your checkbook, then
    compare your ledger to your statement and find you made
    a mathematical error? Log on to your Navigator ’N Touch Web
    online bank account to double check your transactions. They
    usually appear within minutes, so you’ll always be able to quickly
    reconcile your account.
  3. You’ll be more organized. Take advantage of account
    e-Alerts, which can notify you when a transaction posts to
    your account, when your balance goes above or below a certain
    amount or when payments are due. Visit https://navigatorcu.org
    to sign up. You can also use online Bill Pay to stay on top of your
    finances, schedule payments in advance and keep everything
    organized in one spot.

Ready to modernize your checking account? Give us a call at 228-475-7300 or visit www.navigatorcu.org to learn more about ’N Touch Web services and get started!

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