19 Jan

Millions … billions … trillions!Can you count that high?

Numbers help us learn about science and cool things in our world. Do you know how high numbers can go?

The numbers go higher but, we can’t show them all. Some wouldn’t fit on a page! One centillion has 303 zeroes! Something that is too big to count in numbers = infinity.


Here are some fun facts about really big numbers.

How much could $1 million buy? About 400,000 school lunches. Or 3 million pieces of string cheese. That’s more than anyone could eat in a lifetime!

How long would it take to count to 1 billion? Too long! Counting to 1 billion nonstop would take almost 32 years.

How many people live on planet Earth? There are 7 billion people on the planet … and they do a lot of talking! More than 4 billion people use mobile phones worldwide.

What would 1 trillion pennies look like? One trillion pennies stacked in a tower would be 870,000 miles high. That’s farther than the moon!