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Crossword – Double Meaning – Double Take

Have you ever noticed that many words have more than one meaning? Read More

Why Do Parents Say No?

Sometimes parents say “no” when children ask for money or want their parents to buy things for them. Read More

How to Keep Your Money Safe

Bobby was excited to get a birthday card from his grandparents. He tore it open right at the mailbox. As he read the card, he didn’t see the crisp, new $20 bill fall out. Suzie hid three weeks’ worth of allowance in her school desk. She planned to go shopping with her best friend after… Read More

Talking Turkey

It’s fall and that means it’s time for turkey! Before you sit down for your next meal, chew on these fun turkey facts. The pilgrims get credit for starting the turkey tradition. In fact, a book written 22 years after that first Thanksgiving started this tale. The pilgrims likely ate more venison (deer meat) than… Read More