16 Dec

New Features Enhance the Member Calling Experience; Identifying Information Required

New Features Enhance the Member Calling Experience; Identifying Information Required

Navigator has made changes to our phone system to enhance the Member experience. When calling our Member Service Center (800-344-3281), you’ll have additional options and be asked for identifying information to expedite assistance.

By providing your info while waiting for a Member Service Representative, you’ll be assisted more promptly when your call is answered. You’ll need to have the following in order to verify your identity:

  • Your 10-digit account number;
  • The last six digits of your social security number; and
  • The first three characters of your last name.

The benefits to this pre-verification process include hearing your account balance and your last five transactions while on hold. And if you request a callback, you now have the option to leave a detailed message explaining the reason for your call. Members can also set appointments for callbacks during our regular business hours and up to three days in the future.

In addition, we’ve added new security features. Each time you call the Member Contact Center, an email is sent alerting you someone accessed your account information. If you receive such an alert and did not call us to access your information, please let us know immediately.

Need help finding your account number?
There are several ways you can locate your account number. Log into Navigator Online Banking, select the account (share or loan) you want to find the full account number. Click the Details tab then it will be under the “Account Number” column. Account numbers are used for deposits and payments.

You can also find your account number at the bottom of your Navigator checks. There are thirteen digits between the routing number and the check number; your account number is the last 10 digits before the check number. The illustration below explains each set of numbers printed on your checks:

Anatomy of a check graphic

  1. Routing Number: Navigator’s routing number is 265377950. Every credit union and bank has a unique nine-digit number used to identify the financial institution for monetary transactions. When using your account for making payments or when receiving funds, you can always find the routing number on a Navigator check or at www.navigatorcu.org.
  2. 3-Digit Prefix: your Checking Account number contains a three-digit prefix to use before your 10-digit account number. This prefix indicates you are using your Checking Account when paying bills by phone or online and to facilitate Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions (account transactions set up electronically or by phone, such as direct deposits, payroll deposits and vendor transactions.)
  3. Account Number: your 10-digit account number is the number for your primary account and should be used for all transactions at a Branch. It’s the number you should have ready when calling our Member Service Center (800-344-3281) in order to verify your identity while on hold.
  4. Check Number: this is used as a reference number to help you track any payment made by check.

Each time an account is opened, the new Member is provided a printed account information card with the printed 10-digit account number. You can request a new account information card by visiting any of our convenient Branch locations during regular business hours.

These new features are designed to help Navigator help you! With your identity already confirmed, our friendly Member Service Team Members can begin assisting you with the specific reason for your call without having to go through extended an identification verification procedure.

And while the process has changed, your call options remain the same; you can still dial an extension or select an option for your call to be transferred without waiting on hold. For example, choose option 3 for Lending or 5 for Mortgage Services.

Navigator’s Member Promise includes simplifying your life and also protecting your privacy. These new enhancements to our Call Center operations are more examples of the ways we’re delivering on our promises to you!