01 Jul

Credit unions are the No. 1 trusted financial institution

Place Your Trust in Us

A recent Harris Interactive poll revealed what we already know — credit unions have worked hard to earn your trust! Local credit unions are the most trusted financial institutions, with 77 percent of Americans having “some” or “a great deal” of trust in them.

Here’s how other financial institutions fared in the poll:

  • Community banks also scored high, with 76 percent of Americans placing trust in them.
  • 70 percent of Americans have at least some trust in local branches of regional banks.
  • Only 50 percent of Americans have trust in big national banks.

Influencing Factors

Many factors come into play when a financial institution is chosen as the place you trust with your money. According to the poll, among those influencing factors are:

  • Personal experience
  • Quality of products and services
  • Quality of customer care
  • Amount charged in fees

Respondents age 69+, baby boomers and Gen Xers all rated personal experience higher than millennials as an important trust influencing factor. Social media played a minor role in influencing millennials and Gen Xers on their level of trust, but had less influence on baby boomers and those 69+.

The size of area the financial institution served also proved to be a key factor in earning trust. Interestingly, in the Harris survey, the smaller the area of influence of the financial institution, the higher the amount of trust placed in it. This contributed to local credit unions and local community banks being ranked as the most trusted institutions.

How We Earn Your Trust

Day by day, we strive to earn your trust. We do not take it for granted. At Navigator Credit Union, we know you have a lot of banking options. That’s why we put our members first each and every day. Our success is largely determined by our members’ success, so you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind.

Here are some of the many benefits we deliver to our members to show you your trust is well-placed in us:

  • Lower rates on loans — potentially saving you thousands of dollars
  • Higher rates on savings — encouraging you to save with us
  • Fewer and lower fees — we won’t nickel and dime you
  • The latest in technology and convenience services — just like the big guys
  • Education — to help you and your family manage your finances effectively
  • Volunteer and community opportunities — we believe in helping others

Whether you prefer doing your banking online, from your mobile device or by walking into a convenient branch, we are here to keep you front and center — in our trusted sphere of influence.

To learn more about the benefits of membership and how to join Navigator Credit Union, give us a call at 800-344-3281, visit us online, or simply stop by.

Robert A. Fertitta
President & CEO