Prime Money Market

Earn more on your savings.

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Competitive Rates
Our Prime Money Market Account offers one of the highest APYs* in the market, outpacing traditional savings accounts.


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Convenient and Automatic
Our rate is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. When the Prime Rate changes, we automatically adjust the rate for a hassle-free** experience.

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Flexible Access
Have easy access to your cash through ATMs and our Digital Banking Services, even as it grows.

Open an account today to start earning more!

*This Account is subject to a Variable Rate. The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) APY may increase or decrease after the account is opened depending on the WSJ Prime Rate. For the current dividend rate and corresponding APY, refer to the deposit rates published on this website. 

 New money required; source of funds deposited into Prime Money Market may not be from an existing Navigator Credit Union account. In order to earn the disclosed APY, you must maintain an average daily balance at least equal to $10,000 in your Prime Money Market account; and have a direct deposit aggregate of at least $500 each month into any of your Navigator Credit Union savings, money market, or checking accounts on the same account number.

** APY is based on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate on the last day of the month minus 3.75% with a 0.30% floor rate. Should the WSJ Prime Rate change during a statement cycle, the APY will be adjusted on the last day of the cycle when dividends are calculated. If you fail to meet the eligibility requirements during any month, you will earn 0.15% APY. Fees may reduce earnings.