26 Oct

Put a Stake in Vampire Power

Did you know devices like DVD players, cell phone chargers, computers and microwaves all use power, even when they’re not turned on? This standby power is sometimes called “vampire” power because it’s sucked from the outlet, even when the device is shut off. So what can you do?

  1. Unplug your video game console. You may not realize it, but while your video game console is shut off, it’s still using a lot of power while it scans the web for updates.
  2. Do more than sleep. If you are used to putting your computer in sleep mode, you may still spend up to $21 a year on electricity.
  3. Not using it? Lose it. If you’re not using your DVD player or VCR, be sure to unplug it.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Set the bar high by driving a stake through vampire power. Tell your friends and family about it, and let them know to spread the word.