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Is It Worth Standing in Line For?

When the latest iPhone® was released, hundreds of people stood in line to get their hands on the gadget. It can be exciting to be the first to have something new, but you should stop and think: Is this something I really want? Don’t Get Swept Up If all of your friends are raving about… Read More

Ready for Dating?

Have you reached an age where you feel ready to start dating? Before you head out to your first movie, you should be sure to discuss it with your parents. You can talk about expectations such as curfews, spending money and who you may date. Safety is another important topic you should cover with your… Read More

Shy? Bring Out The OUTGOING YOU!

Mr. Cosgrove called Olivia’s name, and she made her way to the front of the class. It was time to give her presentation. She was prepared, but once she got up in front of everyone, her knees started knocking and her palms began to sweat. A lot of teens are shy, especially when they have… Read More

When Concerts Hit a Sour Note

Going to a concert is a lot of fun. You get to see and hear one of your favorite artists live, hang out with friends and make lifelong memories. Before you stand in line for tickets or select “Purchase Ticket” with your computer, think about some of the costs you may not have considered. Ticket… Read More

Money Management: How To Avoid Mistakes

Being a young adult means you have more opportunities to earn money than you did as a child. Over time, you’ll also have more access to financial tools such as a checking account, credit card, auto loan, mortgage and more. But all of these products come with a huge responsibility, and lots of people make… Read More