30 May

Save and Have Fun!

Save and Have Fun!

You can probably think of lots of ways to spend money. What if you had $10 in your pocket right now? You could spend it on toys, snacks, games or other small things. They might be fun for a few minutes. But then you might get bored. What if you save your money instead? You could buy bigger, better things later on. And that’s really fun!

If you put money in a savings account and add to it every week or month, your money will grow. You could save enough to buy things that are fun for a long time, like a new bike or even a computer. You’ll feel good knowing you worked hard to get something really cool.


Keep your money in a piggy bank or safe place at home. Then bring it in to Navigator. When you put money in a savings account, the credit union keeps it safe. We also help you keep track of your savings. Remember to keep saving money. It’s fun!

Add Up the Savings

If you save … You could buy …
$1 Candy bar
$10 Video game
$100 Bike
$500 Computer

Savings Sleuth — Solve the Mystery™

Credit Union Youth Week is April 21-27, 2013, and this year’s theme is Savings Sleuth — Solve the Mystery. Everyone can learn more about saving money while having fun!
Come visit us at Navigator. We love connecting with our youngest members and their families during Credit Union Youth Week.