16 May

Save Money with Your Smartphone

While it may cost you a Benjamin Franklin or two (or more) to purchase a smartphone, these handy devices can save you time and money. Use your phone’s built-in features and download free apps available at the App Store and Google Play to save.

Pay less for gas. Compare gas prices in your area with an app from Gasbuddy.com.

Get cheap talk. Tap into Wi-Fi to video call those you love for free. The iPhone comes with a feature called FaceTime and apps such as Skype or Tango are available for download.

Comparison shop. Apps such as Red Laser and ShopSavvy compare prices for you. Scan the barcode of an item you’d like to buy to find out what stores in your area offer the lowest price.

Find deals. Digital coupon pioneer GrouponTM offers an app that pulls up deals in your area for food, spas, entertainment and more. Once you sign up you can snap up great deals on the spot.

Don’t be tardy. Use your built-in GPS or Google Maps so you don’t get lost.

See in the dark. Use your device’s camera LED/Flash screen as a torch to emit intense light in the dark.