30 May

Springtime Flooding: How Does it Happen?

Many communities across the U.S. are affected by flooding each spring. Have you ever wondered why? There are several reasons for the flooding, including:

Heavy rains — Flash floods can happen when there is a lot of rain. The rain can cause rivers and streams to overflow. The water goes over the banks and floods the area nearby.

Ice jams — If the upstream part of a river thaws first, ice can be carried downstream to the still frozen part. Then it may pile up and flood the area upstream of the jam.

Urban flooding — When a city converts plants and wooded areas to pavement, there aren’t as many places to soak up rainfall. Streets can become similar to rivers with fast-moving water.


There are several things you can do to help with excess rainfall in your neighborhood. Ask your parents if you can install a rain barrel to catch rain from gutters. You can also plant a rain garden to soak up more rain in your yard.

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