26 Oct

Starting Healthy Revolutionizing Your Lunch

The next time you sit down in the cafeteria for lunch, take a look at what’s on your tray. Do you have a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables? Or are the main colors white and brown, and your main food group “fried”?

Eating healthy is important, even when you’re a teen. You may not have a problem now, but a daily lunch habit of pizza, fries and chicken nuggets can add up to extra pounds and health problems when you’re an adult.

Choose Wisely, Eat Healthy

TV shows like “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” try to tackle America’s obesity problem starting with elementary and high school lunches. And first lady Michelle Obama is working to educate kids about healthy eating and obesity through her program “Let’s Move.”

Many kids eat healthy foods at home with their parents, but don’t keep it up when they’re at school. And a lot of calories are consumed at school.

Here are some tips for changing your daily lunch for the better:

  • Eat simple foods. Anything with more than five ingredients is probably overly processed and not good for you.
  • Choose whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.
  • When you buy lunch at school, skip the snack bar and go for the more balanced hot lunch or salad bar instead.
  • Brown bag it. Pack yourself a healthy lunch with the help of your family.