27 Jul

Summer Olympic Games Quiz

  1. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are in London, England, starting July 27. Where were the first Olympic Games held?
    • a. Paris, France
    • b. Athens, Greece
    • c. New York City, USA
    • d. Sydney, Australia
  2. What sport will be an Olympic medal event for the first time at this summer’s games?
    • a. Beach volleyball
    • b. Canoeing
    • c. Women’s boxing
    • d. Men’s boxing
  3. What are the names of the London 2012 mascots?
    • a. Hiya and Cheerio
    • b. Wenlock and Mandeville
    • c. William and Catherine
    • d. Big Ben and Parliament
  4. Which city has hosted the Summer Olympic Games the most?
    • a. London, England
    • b. Beijing, China
    • c. Los Angeles, USA
    • d. Paris, France
  5. What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

To see the answers, or print a copy of the answers, click here.