02 Jul

6 Summer Activities to Enjoy

Fabulous and free!

Looking for fun activities to do this summer, but on a tight budget? Well, you can fill your calendar without spending a dime! Here are some fabulous — and free — ideas for you:

1.Check out community-sponsored events. Your town’s website (as well as those of communities and cities nearby) likely lists locations and dates of summer fairs, festivals, fireworks and farmers markets. Enjoying these events as a spectator usually doesn’t cost a thing.

2.Take in a sporting event. Many communities offer both adult and youth sports leagues throughout the summer. Most games or matches are free to watch. Or, you can check into joining as a participant or better yet — as a volunteer!

3. Play card or board games. Most households have a stockpile of board games from years of gift-giving. Pull out your old favorites and set up a weekly game night. Consider organizing tournaments with friends or neighbors, trading off hosting duties and game selections each week.

4. Visit your local library. Of course, a library card is your ticket to free reading all year long, but most libraries also sponsor free activities including story time for young children, film nights, book clubs, interesting lectures and more. In addition to books, libraries often lend music CDs and movie DVDs, too!

3. Organize a neighborhood potluck. Summertime brings people out into their yards and onto their porches. Invite everyone to a group potluck in a central location. Encourage food items to be made from whatever is already in the fridge or pantry. No additional grocery shopping allowed!

4. Lead a walking tour. With a little research, find out about interesting historical and cultural sites in your area. Organize a walking tour of the site with you as tour guide — complete with picnic lunch and lecture. Invite family or friend history buffs to join you!

16 Apr

Free Stuff Online: Not Just a Myth

When you’re in need of a microwave, rocking chair or tennis racket, is your first instinct to head to the mall? You may be surprised to learn that you can actually use the Internet to find these types of items for cheap — or even free!

Sites like Craigslist, eBay and local exchange sites are increasingly being use to unload items people no longer need. Users may be moving or remodeling, want to avoid the hassle of selling, or be looking for a green way to recycle items they don’t need any more. Here are a few tips to score big and avoid pitfalls:

  • Take your time. If you don’t need an item right away, keep searching until you find the right one.
  • Don’t feel obligated. Often users will post items at flattering angles or omit details. Don’t take an item that you’ll just end up getting rid of yourself.
  • Stay safe. Never go alone to pick up an item. Try to meet in a neutral public place like a coffee shop.