01 May

Go to the Library!

If you’re looking to get out of the rain this spring, step into your local library. The library has many things to keep you busy on a stormy day, or anytime! And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Get lost in a book. Libraries are full of books to transport you to other places. And most libraries also have cozy places to sit and read. Ask a librarian to help you find a book that’s just right for you.

Flip through a magazine. Looking for a quicker read? Your library also has a variety of magazines to choose from. Sports Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids and Zoobooks are just a few.

Check out music and movies. Your library has a selection of CDs and DVDs for you to borrow. Rent an old favorite, or try out something new.

Use a computer. Play games, search the Web or email friends and family.

See what else is available. Your library may offer fun or helpful activities. Talk to a librarian about events like book clubs or story time. Your library may even offer help with homework.

To borrow items from the library, you’ll need a library card. It’s free! Renting materials from the library also shows your parents that you are responsible. You have to keep the items safe and remember to return them on time. Another way to show you are responsible? Depositing your money into your Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club account.