20 Jan

Traveling on a Budget

Travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but often the costs can be prohibitive. Here are some tips to cut travel costs so you can afford to see the world while on a fixed budget.

Skip the hotel, get a rental. Hotel costs and taxes add up quickly. Staying at a rental vacation home can be more affordable and let you feel like more of a local. For weekend trips, stay in a business hotel. Hotels in the business district of a city are often less expensive on the weekends, unlike hotels in most other areas.

Avoid visiting during conventions. Big cities often host conventions that can cause prices to go sky-high. Check your destination city’s official tourism website for a convention calendar to find the best travel dates.

Take advantage of your age. Look for special deals and amenities offered to seniors wherever you go — from trains to hotels to restaurants. Make a quick phone call before booking or planning a destination so you don’t miss out.

Use your Navigator Credit Union credit or debit card. Carrying a lot of cash can be dangerous while traveling. Instead, use your Navigator card to make purchases and keep track of your expenses online to ensure you’re staying within your budget and preventing fraud.