03 Nov

What do animals do in the fall?

As the weather gets cooler, animals who live outside must prepare for winter. Here are a few ways animals get ready:

Migrate. Some animals, such as birds and butterflies, fly to a warmer place in the winter to live and find food. This is called migration.

Grow a warmer coat. Animals such as rabbits grow thicker fur in the winter to keep warm. Even indoor animals may grow more fur. Does your dog or cat get fluffier in the winter?

Gather extra food. Squirrels, mice and beavers stock up on food during the fall. They collect food such as nuts and leaves to store and eat later.

Find shelter. Animals that stay in cold places may live inside trees, under rocks or underground during the winter. Animals such as squirrels stay close together in a group to be warm in their home.

Hibernate. Do you like to stay in bed when it’s cold? So do some animals! They fall into a special deep sleep called hibernation during the winter. Their body temperature drops and they snooze for months to save their energy. Bears, skunks and chipmunks hibernate.

Can you spot animals on the move during the fall? Maybe you’ll find animal footprints (called tracks) in your yard or playground!

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