26 Oct

When Concerts Hit a Sour Note

Going to a concert is a lot of fun. You get to see and hear one of your favorite artists live, hang out with friends and make lifelong memories. Before you stand in line for tickets or select “Purchase Ticket” with your computer, think about some of the costs you may not have considered.

  • Ticket fees – When you add a facility charge, convenience charge and order processing fees, you may be looking at an additional 30% on
    top of your original ticket price.
  • Concessions – Buying snacks and a soda at your concert can really add up. A soda alone can cost as much as $5.
  • Concert memorabilia – Most entertainers sell T-shirts, hats or other merchandise at their shows. T-shirts can cost $35 or more, depending on the artist.

What Can You Do?

There are ways around some of the hidden costs when you attend a concert. Be sure to eat before you go so you can avoid spending money on snacks. And look for cool artist T-shirts online to find a better deal than you would at the concert. Don’t forget to save your money to make sure you can enjoy the concerts on your entertainment agenda.