26 Oct

Why Do Parents Say No?

Sometimes parents say “no” when children ask for money or want their parents to buy things for them. It might not seem fair, but there are some really good reasons your parents might say “no” to spending money.

  • Budgets are for everyone. Parents have to earn and save money. If they gave you too much money for video games, for example, they might not have enough money left to pay for electricity.
  • Sales save money. When you see something you want, you might think you need it right now. Your parents might wait for the item to go on sale to get it for less money.
  • Times are tight. Lots of grown-ups are worried about having jobs and finding money to pay for things. When families are having tough times, it is up to everybody to help out. This means not always asking for things that you want but do not really need.


When you get money, remember to put it in your Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club account. It will earn interest so it keeps growing. That way, if your parents say you have to pay for something yourself, you’ll be ready.