Banzai For Business

As a Navigator Business Partner, you can provide your employees with reliable, actionable information, including a free custom microsite with your company name and logo. The co-branded site offers an expansive, interactive library of educational content from Banzai, an award-winning financial wellness program. We match the site to your employees' needs after completing a comprehensive Financial Health Assessment and feature the resources most important for improving your employees' financial health.

20+ Calculators

Banzai's powerful calculators help individuals crunch the numbers and get the answers they need to in order to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.


Making a big financial decision is intimidating. Banzai’s articles break everything down to what your employees actually need to know and how the various options can affect them.

14+ Coaches

Banzai Coaches are like a conversation with a virtual financial mentor that guides users through their stickiest financial predicaments.

Benefits of Financial Wellness

Personal finance is an intimidating but vital topic to understand. You can make it easier. Financial wellness education empowers your employees to take control of their financial future, making it a compelling benefit for your business and employees. What does that mean for you?
Increased Job Satisfaction

The reality is that most companies do not offer financial literacy resources. When you do, employees will see this as a sign that they are valued and could demonstrate higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Empowered Decision Making

People make financial decisions almost every day. You can help your employees better understand the ramifications of these decisions on themselves and your company.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Companies that offer wellness programs typically see savings tied to lower healthcare costs. Financial wellness can be part of this program. Lower the stress, lower the healthcare costs.

Boosted Morale

By providing financial education in the workplace, companies can elevate the culture and demonstrate a commitment to employees. When more people have less stress and are engaged in the training, the overall employee morale will improve.

Higher Productivity

Employees under high levels of financial stress have higher rates of absenteeism. Employees can be more focused and productive when they have the financial tools to handle their unique challenges.

Recruitment and Retention Tool

Wellness programs are high-value benefits that today's employees are looking for. Adding financial literacy education is a powerful way to show candidates and employees that you care about their financial well-being.

Become a Navigator Business Partner to give your employees access to Banzai Financial Wellness at no cost to you.