Navigator Credit Union Business Partner Program

Help employees improve their financial health while boosting your benefits package at no cost to you. When you become a Business Partner with Navigator, your employees are automatically eligible to participate in our financial wellness program, Banzai. Your employees will also have access to exclusive benefits and resources to help them achieve financial success.

Financial Wellness Program

Banzai is an award-winning, all-in-one platform that offers financial education for people of all ages. It teaches personal finance and life lessons through an interactive program that's easy to understand and follow.  There are also articles and calculators to help employees reach their financial goals. Learn more.

Financial Lunch & Learns

Informative learning sessions on various topics like budgeting, home ownership, building credit, basic banking, wealth management and much more.

One-on-One Financial Coaching

Sit with a certified financial counselor to evaluate a budget and ways to build credit or save money on expenses.

Onsite Membership Drives

Access to all benefits and services Navigator offers from affordable loans with competitive rates and great mortgage solutions to a range of savings products and member-only offers.

Take Advantage of the Credit Union Difference

Like a bank, a credit union helps people save, spend, borrow, and invest money. Unlike a bank, a credit union is a not-for-profit institution owned by its members. This allows us to offer our Members better savings rates and loan rates than most banks and other financial institutions. As a Business Partner, your company can offer employees and their families the benefit of credit union membership without affecting your bottom line.

Member benefits include:

Are you a business owner or human resources professional? If so, we want to partner with you. Navigator Credit Union's Business Partner Program helps reduce employee stress through financial education, creating a more productive workforce.

Contact us to set up a zero-obligation meeting to learn more.

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