Enhanced Fraud Protection

Navigator is committed to keeping your sensitive information secure and helping to protect Members from fraudulent activity. We offer a number of enhanced fraud protection features with every debit and credit card.

Free Fraud Text Alerts

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Navigator's free fraud text alerts help protect Members from becoming the victims of debit and credit card scams.  If our fraud monitoring system detects purchases which do not seem in line with your typical card use, it is alerted to the suspicious activity. You’ll then receive a text message from Navigator's Fraud Department (37268) with details about the transaction in question. All you have to do is respond "yes" or "no" to the text message to confirm or deny the transaction. If you indicate the transaction is fraudulent and is not an authorized charge, you’ll receive another message with a number to call for follow-up. If it is you using your card, you’re all set. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate. Members are encouraged to save the Navigator Fraud Department's text number, 37268, into their phone so you'll know it's Navigator sending you the message. Free enhanced fraud text alerts are another reason you can feel safe taking advantage of the worldwide purchasing power of our Visa(R) debit cards and Platinum Rewards cards whenever and wherever you shop.


CardValet® allows Members to monitor card activity in real-time, while also giving you the power to turn your Navigator debit card on and off at the touch of a button. It's a valuable card management and fraud mitigation tool. Navigator offers free of charge to debit cardholders. Users can control card usage on the go through a free mobile app, including setting general spending limits or specifying approved merchant types. With the app, turn off your card when you’re not using it to help prevent fraud and easily turn it on when you’re ready to use it! Learn more by clicking here.

EMV Chip Technology

Debit and credit cards issued by Navigator offer Members many features, including EMV chip technology. The small metal chip on your card is actually a computer chip which generates a unique transaction code every time you use your card in a chip-enabled terminal. The magnetic stripe on traditional debit and credit cards contains unchanging data, making them easier to replicate and use over and over for fraudulent purchases if the data gets in the hands of hackers. Chip cards are harder to counterfeit, and if a fraudster does steal the chip information from a point of sale, it can’t be used again; any fraudulent transactions attempted would be denied. EMV chip technology is just one more way we're protecting Member privacy!

Mobile Wallet

Navigator also offers the option of adding your credit and debit cards to your mobile wallet by supporting enrollment in Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay and Google Pay™. Mobile payment methods are highly secure and another no-cost way Navigator Members can be protected from fraudulent account activity. Once your card is added to the app, it generates a virtual account number and your real card number is never given to the merchant. When making a payment, the tokenized card number and a cryptogram that acts like a password are sent. The network then verifies and processes the payment. Mobile wallets also offer the option of contactless payment - one more good reason to feel safe and secure!