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IRAs and Certificates

You've got time on your side - and a great array of financial options - when you save your money with Navigator IRAs and CDs. Depending on your timeframe and savings needs, there's an IRA or CD that's ideally suited to your financial goals. And, as many Navigator Members have found, the earlier you start with these disciplined savings options, the closer you may be to an early retirement. Combined with NCU Wealth Management's services, Credit Union IRAs and CDs may be the key to charting a course toward greater security and money-saving strategies.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

One of the basic ingredients to a well-rounded plan is a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that gives you a guaranteed rate of return – and that means peace of mind. CDs are high-yield deposit investments, with terms ranging from six months to five years.


It’s never too early to begin saving for retirement, and Navigator makes it easy! A Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be started with a low minimum balance requirement, allowing you to fund it at a pace that works with your budget. Best of all, contributions may be tax-deductible, and earnings are not taxed until you withdraw your funds (see your tax advisor for details).


An IRA CD is a low-risk option for your IRA. By locking in a higher-yield rate for the length of its term, it ensures your funds won’t lose ground even if the stock market declines. IRA CD terms range from six months to five years. By choosing a variety of IRA CDs within your IRA portfolio, you can “ladder” them to mature at varying dates with the goal of moving up to higher yields overall.

Jumbo CDs and IRA CDs

Jumbo CDs and IRA CDs have greater earning power with higher rates than regular CDs. The minimum deposit for a jumbo CD is $100,000, with a range of terms from six months to five years. The jumbo IRA CD is ideal for IRA rollovers or transfers from a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k).

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Coverdell Accounts give you tax advantages as you set aside funds for your child’s education. The funds can be used to pay for elementary, secondary or post-secondary education.

1st Nvestor CD

From newborn to new investor of any age, the 1st Nvestor CD makes it easy to save. With a deposit of only $10 a week ($40 monthly), the 1st Nvestor CD gives you the opportunity to jump-start a savings plan at higher deposit rates without the requirement of a large opening balance.

IRA e-Resource Center

Navigator Credit Union also provides an extensive collection of e-Brochures to help Members better understand Individual Retirement Accounts.

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