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For youth age 12 and under

Navvi-Gator, the financially savvy gator, introduces children to the Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club. This special kids’ savings account gives an immediate reward for each deposit of $5 or more with prizes awarded to savers along the way. As a bonus, Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club members receive a quarterly subscription to Navvi News, chock-full of fun games and savings tips, mailed right to their homes.

For youth age 13 to 17

Teens can prepare for the responsibility of a checking account by learning how to make regular deposits and withdrawals. Once savings has been established, they can learn to make purchase choices based on their current balance. In addition to great online resources, they will also receive a free copy of Real Money, a quarterly newsletter that includes tips for earning money, using it wisely and establishing credit, plus puzzles, games and quizzes.