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  • Online Bill Pay – Get the security and convenience of paying all of your bills at one online location. You can view upcoming payments, track payment history and select the date the bill is paid. Plus, you’ll save time and postage. To sign up, log onto ’N Touch Web and click on the Bill Pay button. Click here for the full instructions.
  • e-Statements – Have your Navigator statements delivered to your computer instead of your mailbox! Each month, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your statement is ready to be viewed at our secure website. e-Statements are more convenient than paper, are better for the environment and reduce postage and printing costs. If you would like to sign up for e-Statements, log on to ’N Touch Web and click on the e-Statement button. If you have questions on how to sign up, click here.
  • e-Alerts – e-Alerts are emails and/or text messages sent to notify you of certain transactions or events happening on your account. Each e-Alert can be sent to multiple email addresses or mobile phone numbers within minutes of the actual transaction. Alerts can be set to let you know of incoming direct deposits, pending debits, insufficient funds, loan payments due and other important account events. To sign up for e-Alerts, log on to ’N Touch Web and click on the "Alerts Main" link in the "Go To" section.