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Navigator Credit Union Ofrece Más Maneras de Ahorrar

¿Piensa abrir una cuenta de ahorros para usted o un familiar? Las cuentas de ahorro de las cooperativas de crédito con frecuencia son una mejor oferta y le brindan diferentes opciones. Por lo general, tienen menores niveles de depósitos mínimos, menos cargos y más recursos educativos que el banco grande promedio. Las cooperativas de crédito… Read More

The Truth About Credit Unions: Misconceptions Cleared Up

Everyone has their own reason for being a Navigator Credit Union member. Perhaps it’s our nonprofit status. Or because we’re owned by members and act in the interest of members. But some people wonder if these qualities hold us back from offering as much as banks do. In fact, we offer many of the same… Read More


Did you know? Americans tend to favor name brands when purchasing breakfast cereal, carbonated soft drinks, bagged snacks, coffee and yogurt. Americans prefer name-brand foods for reasons related to taste and flavor. Americans tend to choose store brands when purchasing milk, frozen vegetables, cooking oil, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and paper products. Women purchase name brands… Read More

Understanding Grocery Store Dates

You see them every time you visit your local grocery store: labels that read “sell by,” “best before,” “use by” and others. But do you really understand what those terms mean? Or are you like the millions of Americans who don’t understand food labels and regularly toss out groceries — and the money you paid… Read More

Did You Hear What Just Happened with Social Security?

Congress just eliminated two popular strategies used to get greater retirement benefits. Provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm If you want to claim Social Security benefits soon, keep a date & a number in mind. The date is April 30, 2016. The number is 62. Recent changes to the Social Security benefit rules have made that… Read More

4 Investment Basics That Can Help You Succeed

To a novice, the world of investments can be overwhelming. With a huge variety of ways you can create an investment portfolio, it’s not always easy to know if you’re on the right track. Here are four basic ways you can make your money work for you with investing. Set clear goals. One of the… Read More

Is It Time for a New Car?

Drivers are keeping their cars for longer than ever before — the average time is more than 11 years (in 1995, it was eight years). But even though today’s vehicles can run beyond 200,000 miles with the right care, here are three signs that it’s time to get a new car. The car is no… Read More

How Millennials Can Stop Worrying and Love the Credit Card

Ever since the recession, debt has become a much scarier word. Spending on someone else’s dime brings along a load of baggage including payment due dates, fees and interest. So when young adults first become eligible for credit cards, many choose not to get one. In fact, a poll of 1,161 adults from 18 to… Read More

Navigator Credit Union Offers More Ways to Save

Thinking of opening a savings account for yourself or a family member? Savings accounts at credit unions are often better deals and offer a variety of options. They typically have lower minimum deposit levels, fewer fees and more educational tools than your average big bank. Credit unions are also more likely to tailor savings accounts… Read More

Direct Transfer vs. Rollover: How Should You Move Your IRA?

Whether you’re leaving an employer or simply wish to consolidate your individual retirement accounts (IRAs) for easier management, you have options when moving your retirement funds to another plan: direct transfer or rollover. Both options have advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation and goals. Here are the basics you need to know. Direct Transfer… Read More

From One Beginning to Another, We’re Here for You

When new doors open in life – heading off to college, beginning a new job, starting a family or entering retirement – the possibilities are exciting. Your finances play a large role in all of these opportunities, but don’t let money become the focus. Instead, the financial questions become a breeze when you lean on… Read More

¿Está protegido contra conductores que no tienen seguro?

Una noche cualquiera usted conduce a casa después del trabajo, cuando repentinamente, un automóvil se cruza delante del suyo causando un horrible accidente. Usted y el otro conductor están bien, pero los automóviles están verdaderamente dañados. Afortunadamente, usted tiene seguro. Lamentablemente, la otra persona no. ¡Oh no! ¿Qué sucede ahora? Esta situación es más común… Read More

Cut Down on Wedding Costs

Preparing to make a lifetime commitment with marriage is exciting! For many men and women, this is a celebration they’ve dreamed about for years. But having the perfect wedding can get expensive, and starting your marriage with a new debt burden isn’t ideal. Here are some tips for saving on wedding costs, so you can… Read More

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Wallet

Sure, we all want to eat a healthy diet. But who can afford to do that? Healthy food is expensive … isn’t it? The truth is, you can eat healthy without overspending. Here are a few low-cost examples to get you started: Brown rice. Brown rice has nutrient-rich layers that are removed from white rice…. Read More

Are You Protected Against Uninsured Motorists?

One night you’re driving home from work, when suddenly, a car pulls out in front of you causing a horrible wreck. You and the other driver are all right, but your cars are seriously damaged. Fortunately, you have insurance. Unfortunately, the other guy doesn’t. Uh-oh. What now? This situation’s more common than you might think…. Read More

Should You Plan to Retire on 80% of Your Income?

Examining a long-held retirement planning assumption. Provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm A classic retirement planning rule states that you should retire on 80% of the income you earned in your last year of work. Is this old axiom still true, or does it need reconsidering? Some new research suggests that retirees may not need that… Read More

Generating Retirement Income: Pros and Cons of 4 Strategies

Once you retire, you may breathe a sigh of relief that you’re done prioritizing retirement savings among all the other competing demands for your money. Congratulations; take a moment to celebrate! Then direct your attention to your new challenge: You must turn your retirement savings into a stream of income you can live on and… Read More

6 Tips for Renting the Perfect Vacation Home

  Renting a house for your next vacation can save you money, especially if you’re traveling with a large group or planning a family reunion. Rental homes offer more bedrooms, kitchens for making your own meals and many other amenities you won’t find in your average hotel room. But renting is not without its challenges…. Read More

The Heat Is On: Tips to Lower Cooling Costs

As temperatures soar this summer, use these tips to stay comfortable without letting cooling costs go through the roof. Use fans. If you have air conditioning, using a ceiling fan allows you to raise the thermostat setting about 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort.* Other fans also help and use little energy. Be sure to turn them off when you leave; fans cool… Read More

Paying Student Loans and Saving for Retirement

Student loan debt is the oft-touted enemy of millennials, but it’s becoming a problem for a growing number of older Americans, too. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, nearly 17 percent of student loan debt is currently held by borrowers age 50 and older. For many of these borrowers, this student loan debt is money borrowed for their children’s or grandchildren’s educations…. Read More

10 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

If you want your home to sell fast, decorating and decluttering to “set the stage” for potential buyers should be at the top of your to-do list. Staging your home showcases it’s best features and helps buyers visualize their families in the space. Here are 10 tips to get you started. Apply a fresh coat… Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Destiny Mosley of Hurley! Read More

Match the saying to the animal

There are a lot of funny animal sayings that people use! Can you match these sayings to the right animal? Read More

Fun fall harvest facts

Apples and pumpkins and yams, oh my! Read More

Make your own piñata!

If you’re planning a party, here’s a tip. You can decorate and play a fun game with a piñata. Better yet, you can make your own! Read More

Why do we change the clocks every year?

Each year, most states in the Unites States will time travel. No, not with a machine, but with Daylight Saving Time! Read More

At Navigator Credit Union, Technology Means Safety and Convenience

Navigator Credit Union is proud to continue the tradition of building a legacy of excellence for our members. One proof of this is our commitment to provide the best service possible by continuously updating our technology. Read More

Save for Your Future with a Health Savings Account

Did you know that a health savings account (HSA) can be a powerful tool to help you save for your health and your future? Read More

How to Start Saving on an Entry-Level Salary

If you have an entry-level job and feel like you’re already stretching your salary as far as it will go, savings might be the last thing on your mind. Read More

What Do You Spend on Essentials?

How does your spending on essentials such as housing, food, transportation and health care compare to that of other Americans? Read More

Hey, Millennials: Whom Do You Trust for Financial Advice?

A recent survey of millennials — individuals born between 1980 and 1989 — found that 39% of respondents worry about their financial future at least once a week. Read More

Things Young Adults Should Know About Money

Whether you’re in school, working or exploring your options, you’ll need to get your finances in order. Get started with these tips. Read More

Student Loans vs. Retirement Savings:
Deciding Which to Tackle First

Is there anything more exciting right now than graduating and landing that first post-college job? Of course, mixed in with that euphoria is the knowledge that pretty soon, you’re going to have to start repaying those student loans. And you’ll need to start thinking about the future — aka, retirement. Read More

Long-Term Investment Truths: Key Lessons for Retirement Savers

You learn lessons as you invest in pursuit of long-run goals. Some of these lessons are conveyed and reinforced when you begin saving for retirement, and others you learn along the way. Read More

Going Green: Compost for a Healthy Garden

Want to reuse, reduce and recycle? You can do all these things if you start a compost pile this fall. Read More

Autumn Salad Recipe

Crisp apples, nuts and seeds give this salad a nutritious crunch. Read More

Thank You for Choosing Navigator Credit Union

During this season, many people spend time thinking about what they’re thankful for. The staff and management at Navigator Credit Union are no different. We’re thankful for you! Read More

Stay Close to Finances When You’re a Thousand Miles Away
Make Yourself at Home with Shared Branches

What happens when you go on vacation or move away from Navigator Credit Union? This is where the use of a CO-OP Shared Branch presents a convenient benefit. Read More

Ahorre para Su Futuro con una Cuenta de Ahorros para Gastos Médicos

¿Sabía usted que una cuenta de ahorros para gastos médicos (HSA) puede ser una herramienta poderosa para ayudarle a ahorrar para su salud y su futuro? Read More

6 Summer Activities to Enjoy

Looking for fun activities to do this summer, but on a tight budget? Well, you can fill your calendar without spending a dime! Here are some fabulous — and free — ideas for you. Read More

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

When you’re ready to jet off on vacation, the last thing you need is an emergency or illness to thwart your plans, but it happens. Travel insurance can help protect your finances — at an additional cost. But is it worth it? Read More

Spotlight on Allowances

Only 1 percent of children save any of their allowance for the proverbial “rainy day,” according to parents surveyed by the American Institute of CPAs, though most kids pocket enough allowance over the course of a year to buy an iPad® and three Kindles — and have money to spare. Read More

Volunteering: Good for the Heart and Soul

Want to really put a shine on your college application or work résumé? Consider volunteering! Read More

Social Security Survivor Benefits

About 5 million widowed Americans get Social Security survivor benefits. Some widows and widowers aren’t aware of additional retirement benefits. Read More

Are You a Savvy Shopper? Take This Quiz!

Being a smart shopper means keeping an eye on prices, certainly, but it also entails understanding the products you buy so you can choose what’s best for you. See how your consumer knowledge stacks up with this short, fun quiz. Read More

IRAs Get New Rule: One Rollover per Year

Beginning this year, a new rule applies to individual retirement account (IRA) rollovers because of a U.S. Tax Court ruling in 2014. Read More

Open the Door to a Remodel Plan that Pays Off

Home prices may be up in your neighborhood — more reason to invest in your home to get the best price if you’re planning to sell. Despite what conventional wisdom says, most of the home improvement projects with the greatest return on investment are not so glamorous. Read More

Cold Cash or Paperless: Money Habits Are Changing

Nearly one in four millennials carry less than $5 in cash on a daily basis, according to a 2014 study by the Independent Community Bankers of America. There are many young adults who have never needed to write a check in their lives. Even if you still prefer to deal in cash, these trends are likely not too surprising considering there are more ways to pay for the things we need than ever before. Read More

Credit unions are the No. 1 trusted financial institution

A recent Harris Interactive poll revealed what we already know — credit unions have worked hard to earn your trust! Local credit unions are the most trusted financial institutions, with 77 percent of Americans having “some” or “a great deal” of trust in them. Read More

6 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Start Investing

Before you put off investing any longer, consider these six reasons you should invest. Read More

Seis Razones Para Dejar de Postergar y Comenzar a Invertir

¿La ansiedad de perder dinero en un mercado a la baja no le permite invertir? Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Teagan Turner of Pass Christian! Read More

Find my shadow!

These flip-flops look similar, but each picture is a little bit different. Can you match the flip-flops with their shadows? Read More

Leaves for lunch?! Hungry Caterpillar Maze

Don’t let this hungry caterpillar munch on your green cash! Keep it safe in your savings account at Navigator Credit Union. Read More

Why we celebrate the 4th of July

While it’s nice to dress up and have fun, you may not know why the day is so important. Read More

Where does the credit union keep my money?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your money when you bring it to the credit union? Read More

Partnering with You to Enhance Our Community

At Navigator Credit Union, we’re proud to be part of this community. As neighbors who live and work here, we want to do what we can to help support and improve our area. Read More

9 Signs You Need Life Insurance

If you think life insurance is only for people with kids, you may be missing out on an important financial planning tool. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you should take a closer look at your needs for life insurance. Read More

To Have and To Hold: Investing Strategies for Newlyweds

The early days of wedded bliss are full of exciting changes and adjustments. Among the most important: Planning for your joint financial future. Read More

College Degrees Still Make the Grade

Despite changes in the economy, a college education continues to be a valuable asset in creating higher lifelong earnings. Read More

Diversification, Patience & Consistency
Three important factors when it comes to your financial life.

Regardless of how the markets may perform, consider making the following part of your investment philosophy. Read More

Trusts — An Often-misunderstood Estate-planning Tool

The truth is, trusts aren’t useful only for the wealthy. When set up properly, trusts can provide benefits to even those with modest means. Read More

Free Stuff Online: Not Just a Myth

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually use the Internet to find these types of items for cheap — or even free! Read More

How to Begin Building a Strong Credit History

There are many reasons why having a strong credit history is important. It can affect everything from your ability to rent an apartment to getting a good job. Read More

Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Kebabs

These colorful kebabs are fun — and healthy — for the whole family. Read More

Just Moved? Do These Things, Then Relax

Before you relax or collapse from exhaustion, there are a few things left to do. Here’s a checklist of easy post-move musts. Read More

Tame Your Credit Card Debt

It’s tempting to rely on a credit card to get you through next payday. No big deal, right? Think again. Read More

Navvi-Gator prize of the quarter winner

Congratulations to Salena Sanders of Vancleave! Read More

A-maze-ing puddle jump!

It’s wet outside. Dizzy Duck wants to jump in puddles. But he forgot his rain boots by the rock on the other side of the park. Read More

Why are baby animals born in the spring?

It’s spring! And spring is the best. Here’s why: flowers, baseball, Easter eggs and baby animals. Read More

What happens at the store checkout?

How much will it cost to pay for everything in your shopping cart? Read More

Grow your own flower garden!

Warmer weather means spring is a great time to plant flowers. Talk to your parents and see if you can have a flower garden of your very own! Read More

Cómo Comenzar a Crear un Historial de Crédito Sólido

Hay muchas razones por las que es importante tener un historial de crédito sólido. Puede afectar todo, desde su capacidad de alquilar un apartamento hasta conseguir un buen trabajo. Read More

Ready to Retire? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

For most people retirement is something that happens only once in a lifetime. So it’s no surprise that many people make mistakes when first starting out. Read More

Slow Cooker Vegetable Lentil Stew

Here’s a great recipe that uses good-for-you greens — kale and chard. Read More

Attention Millennials!
Start a 401(k) in Your Twenties

Don’t Shortchange Your Future Well-being Read More

Teach Your Kids Money Management

Here are some ways you can teach your kids money management lessons that are appropriate for their age. Read More

When will your money double?
The Rule of 72

Need an easy way to determine how long it will take to double your investment? The rule of 72 provides a simple estimate of the number of years it will take an investment to double given a fixed rate of return. Read More

Traveling on a Budget

Travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but often the costs can be prohibitive. Here are some tips to cut travel costs so you can afford to see the world while on a fixed budget. Read More

Housing Outlook
Will 2015 Be a Good Year to Buy a Home?

As the economy has gradually improved coming out of the Great Recession, home sales have picked up too. Read More

Saving For the Unexpected
The Importance of Emergency Savings Accounts

Katie and James were thrilled to be first-time homeowners. They couldn’t wait to tackle their list of improvement projects to put their very own stamp on the older home. Before they could start, however, the water heater went cold and the refrigerator went hot. Their home improvement stash of cash quickly became their emergency repairs… Read More

Share Credit Union Benefits
Celebrating 100 Million Memberships Nationwide

As a credit union member, you’re in good company. Nearly 100 million people in the United States, or one in three Americans, are also members of a credit union. Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Shelby Scara of Gautier! Shelby, a member of the Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club, is the lucky winner of The World’s Largest Christmas Stocking. Read More

What can $100 buy?

What if you had $100? What could you buy? Does it make sense to spend all your cash — or save some to buy something even better? Read More

Millions … billions … trillions!
Can you count that high?

Numbers help us learn about science and cool things in our world. Do you know how high numbers can go? Read More

Build the Foundation: 6 Steps for Financial Success in Your 20s

Your 20s is a time to enjoy your freedom and learn new life lessons. Often a decade of important decisions (career, marriage, home), it can also be a time for big financial mistakes if you’re not careful. Read More

Chicken Noodle Soup

Warm up with this delicious homemade soup — and freeze portions to reheat when you’re feeling under the weather! Read More

Don’t Be an Easy Target: How to Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones and other mobile devices have made our lives easier in many ways. But, their allure and high resale value has also made them a prime target for thieves. Read More

A message from the NCU Wealth Management Program
New Records – Is it Time to Protect Your Gains?

Record highs for stocks. Record lows for interest rates. Recent months have seen new records for the stock market and a continuation of the historic lows for interest rates. Read More

Set Up Finances to Be Goof-proof for Your Spouse

It’s not uncommon for one partner to be the primary decision maker for a couple’s finances or investments. But if you die or become incapacitated, how easy would it be for your spouse to assume sole responsibility for your finances? Read More

Credit unions offer a smart alternative to big banks
Laughing All the Way from the Bank

From endless account requirements to lackluster customer service and soaring fees, big banks recently have found themselves and their services questioned by consumers. Read More

Credit class:
Choose the Best Loan for You

Credit allows us to borrow money to pay for items we couldn’t otherwise afford — like homes and cars and a college education. Read More

All-in-one convenience
Consolidate Your Financial Accounts with Us

Seeing your complete financial picture can be quite a challenge. Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Collin Locklear of Pascagoula, Miss! Collin, a member of the Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club, is the lucky winner of a $100 Walmart gift card. Read More

What do animals do in the fall?

As the weather gets cooler, animals who live outside must prepare for winter. Read More

The history of money: Fun facts

Did you know that over the last 10,000 years, money has changed a lot? Read More

How to help others this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day. Many families cook a turkey and eat their favorite foods. It is also a day of giving thanks for all the good things you have. Read More

Make Your Own Family Tournament

Spring is a great time to get outside and to have some fun with your family. It’s also the perfect chance to start your first annual family tournament! A tournament is when you compete in a bunch of games in a row. Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Will Gilmore of Ocean Springs! Will, a member of the Navvi-Gator Super Saver’s Club program, is the lucky winner of “Bernie the Bear” and a basket full of cool toys. Read More

A-maze-ing Earth Day

Earth Day 2013 is on Monday, April 22. How will you celebrate? Read More

Springtime Flooding: How Does it Happen?

Many communities across the U.S. are affected by flooding each spring. Have you ever wondered why? There are several reasons for the flooding, including: Heavy rains — Flash floods can happen when there is a lot of rain. The rain can cause rivers and streams to overflow. The water goes over the banks and floods… Read More

Save and Have Fun!

You can probably think of lots of ways to spend money. What if you had $10 in your pocket right now? Read More

Navvi-Gator Prize of the Quarter Winner

Congratulations to Hunter Oakes of Ocean Springs, Miss.! Hunter is the winner of Navvi-Gator’s Prize of the Quarter. Hunter is in the first grade at Resurrection Elementary and is saving his money for college — according to his dad. Hunter, who makes regular deposits in his Super Saver’s Club account, was very excited to receive… Read More

3 Easy Ways to Say Thanks!

Saying “thank you” is an important and easy way to show you are grateful for someone else’s good deed. When you say ‘thank you,’ you show your good manners and that you care. Read More

A long winter’s nap

Some animals rest more during the winter than others. In fact, they might sleep for months at a time. To get ready for a big, long snooze, they need to eat extra food. Read More

What’s the Big Deal About Change?

Coins come in different sizes, as well as different colors. Coins also have different values. Wondering how much each one is worth? Read on to find out. Read More

Budget Smudget
Create a Spending Plan

If you’re not a fan of the word budget, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t like it because it seems limiting. Read More

Spotlight on … Gardens

Are you a garden guru? These fun flora facts will help your knowledge of plants grow. Read More

Buttons and Bows Pasta

Try this light and refreshing bowtie pasta dish with peas and carrots. Read More

How to Save Money when Dining In

If you’re among the 71 percent of Americans who are cooking at home more and eating out less to help cut costs,* then these tips may help you save even more. Read More

IRA Deadlines Are Approaching

Many of us associate April with taxes. We should also associate it with IRAs, because April 15 is also the deadline for IRA contributions and mandatory IRA withdrawals. Read More

Prepare an Ethical Will
Share Your Values with Heirs

A legal will spells out the important and necessary details of your last wishes, including who should inherit and what assets or possessions will be passed on. Read More

Building a New Home? Be Prepared

Building your dream home is exciting! However, there are many unknowns, some of which are beyond your control. Read More

Use Financial Calculators at

When making financial decisions, you can cross your fingers and hope for the best, or you can use our financial calculators at to make a wellinformed financial decision. Read More

Are You Making the Most of ’N Touch Online Banking?

You may know Online Banking from the convenience of your own home saves time and is especially helpful for those with mobility issues. Read More

Teach Kids to Say “No” to the Pressure to Buy

Children and teens are targeted with advertising just about everywhere they go. These messages try to convince kids that buying lots of stuff is the key to having fun and being popular. Read More

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned How to Cut Costs on Everyday Expenses

From groceries to gas, the basics are getting more and more expensive. That’s why it is important to save money where you can, now more than ever. Read More

Averting a College Debt Crisis

Move over credit cards – college debt is now the No. 1 source of consumer debt in America. Read More

Check Us Out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Do you “like” us on Facebook? Follow us on Pinterest or Twitter? We love interacting with Credit Union members and we’re proud of our status as a not-for-profit organization that stands up for you and your best interests. Read More

Broccoli Potato Soup

Warm up with a delicious, nutritious soup! Read More

Take a Bite Out of Your Grocery Bill

You know how much money you need to set aside each month for fixed expenses such as rent and your car payment. But what about food? Read More

Save Money with Your Smartphone

While it may cost you a Benjamin Franklin or two (or more) to purchase a smartphone, these handy devices can save you time and money. Read More

Mobile Banking Is Here

Navigator now offers Mobile Banking for members who want to complete transactions on the go right from their cell phones. Read More

Spotlight On … A Good Night’s Sleep

According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, 30% of American workers sleep less than six hours a night. Read More

Your Financial To-Do List

What are your financial, business or life priorities? Your goals? Specify them, then consider investing, saving or budgeting methods you could use to realize them. Read More

5 Anchor Lines The Top 4 Expenses for Retirees

Are you expecting your expenses to go down in retirement? A few, such as commuting and other work-related costs, may decrease. Read More

The Right Deductible for Savings and Peace of Mind

Determining the right deductible is, in part, simply a matter of doing the math. If the situation arises, could you easily access the deductible amount to repair damage to your car or home? Read More

Prevent Child Identity Theft
Lock Down Your Child’s Private Information

Shredding credit card offers, securing personal information within your home, creating difficult passwords – these are all ways to reduce identity theft. Read More

Don’t Get Caught in the Cycle of Payday Loans

The lure of payday loans from storefront or Internet lenders can be tempting if you’re in a cash crunch. These modern-day loan sharks may promise fast access to easy money. Read More

For the Holidays, Give the Gift of Membership

Holiday celebrations are a wonderful time for families to get together and share traditions and memories. Often, thoughtful gifts are exchanged, as well. This year, make your holidays extra special for family members by sharing a unique gift: the gift of credit union membership. Read More

Figuring Out the Dollars and Sense of Car Insurance

Car insurance can cost a bundle, especially for young drivers. Read More

Click Carefully!
Protect Yourself Online

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while surfing the Web. Read More

Get Yourself a Pen Pal

Developing a pen pal relationship where you exchange letters with someone special has all sorts of benefits Read More

Be a Smart Shopper

Try these tips to make your clothing budget go further. Read More

Landing a Job
5 Tips For Making A Great Impression

If you’re unsure how to make the right first impression on your job interview, try these tips. Read More

Leave It to You

A big gust of wind blew these leaves o a tree! They may all look similar at first glance, but there are two that match exactly. Read More

Portraits of Presidents
Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know our presidents and your money? Match the president’s face with his description to find out. Read More

Are You a Spender or a Saver?

Do you like to spend your money fast, or save it for a rainy day? Answer these questions to find out if you’re a spender or a saver. Read More

Gift Ideas
Get Creative for the Holidays!

Here are some creative gift ideas that don’t cost a lot, but can mean a lot. Read More

Get a Social Life for Half Price

Do you love social activities but lack the money to go out? Don’t underestimate the fun factor of cheap (or even free!) group outings. It’s possible to have twice the fun on half the money (or less) if you watch for deals and use your creative skills. Read More

The Personal and Financial Benefits of Sprucing Up Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about giving your home some updates, now may be a good time to move forward on home improvement projects. Read More

Summer Olympic Games Quiz

Test your knowledge about the Summer Olympics, hosted in London, England this year! Read More

Take Control of Your Finances with BALANCESM

One of the clearest lessons Americans may take away from the troubled economy of recent years is that it’s important to stay on top of your finances. Read More

Wield the Power of a Good Auto Loan

A reliable car and a low-rate auto loan can make a measurable difference in your life. Read More

Finding a Balance
How to Save for Retirement and Send the Kids to College

As a parent, you may have lofty goals to save early and often for your child’s college education while also saving for your retirement. Read More

Extend the Life of Your Belongings

By taking care of things you’ve already spent money on – especially big-ticket items – you can delay the need to replace them, perhaps for years. Read More

Are You Worried Sick about Debt?

Laurin F. Avara, President & CEO

A poll conducted for the Associated Press and AOL found that people with higher levels of stress caused by debt reported more health problems than those without much stress from debt. Read More

Compradores de casa por primera vez:
No se sienta abrumado, esté preparado

Si está pensando en tomar el paso de mudarse de apartamento o del sótano de sus padres a su primera casa, hay muchísimas opciones increíbles a su disposición. Read More

Caribbean Watermelon Salsa

Try this mouth-watering salsa with lime tortilla chips, cinnamon tortilla chips or pita chips.
Read More

Spotlight on … the Summer Olympic Games

Three cheers for London: The 2012 Olympic Games mark the third time London, England, has hosted the summer games – more than any other city. Read More

Save Time and Money
Automate Your Finances

Automating many of your everyday financial transactions can help you save money and stay on track to meeting your financial goals. Read More

6 Tips for Traveling with Friends

Lots of friends decide that taking a vacation together could be more enjoyable than traveling alone. Read More

Income That Lasts a Lifetime

Content developed by CUNA Brokerage Services, provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm, CRPC®

Imagine this … opening up your mailbox and seeing a paycheck month after month for the rest of your life – guaranteed! Read More

Enjoy Tax Benefits!
Save for Retirement with an IRA

How do you hope to spend your retirement … traveling the world? Hitting the links? Playing with grandkids? Now, keeping that image firmly in mind, think about this: How are you going to pay for it? Read More

The Write Stuff

Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are all ways to get your thoughts and ideas out in the world, but you should know, once they’ve been posted, it’s hard to hide them. If you’re looking for a way to write down your ideas and protect your privacy, consider starting a journal. Read More

A (Safe) Day at the Beach

Spending the day at the beach with your friends is a ton of fun. You can soak up some rays, go swimming or play sports on the shore. But a day at the beach can quickly turn from fun-in-the-sun to no fun at all if you don’t pay attention to these hidden (and some not so hidden) dangers of spending the day outside. Read More

Give Your Time and Get Something Back
Helping Your Community

Looking for something new to do this summer? Perhaps your free time at the pool or library has you bored. If you’re wondering what you can do with your extra time, try volunteering in your community. Read More

Picnic Matching Game

Play our summer picnic matching game. Read More

Straighten Out These States!

Can you unscramble the name of each state in this quiz? Read More

4 Simple Steps to Saving

Saving money takes time, effort and even a few tricks. Read More

5 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money

Get the mop and feather duster ready! Following are five ways spring cleaning can actually improve your financial picture. Read More

Get Real and Grow a Garden!

A garden doesn’t have to be big or boring. Start by growing something in a mini plot or pot. Read More

Hit the Trail with Trail Mix

Spring is a great time to take a walk, go on a hike or play at the park. You’ll want a snack to give you energy. Here’s a recipe for trail mix to try. Read More

Find the Hidden Animals

Each sentence contains a hidden animal. Can you find them? Read More

Growing Green
Tips for Learning How to Garden

Do you like digging in the dirt? Making a mess? Watching things grow? Then gardening may be the perfect hobby for you! Growing your own garden can be fun and healthy. Read More

Go to the Library!

If you’re looking to get out of the rain this spring, step into your local library. The library has many things to keep you busy on a stormy day, or anytime! And it doesn’t cost a thing. Read More

Easy Family Meals

Cooking as a family can be a lot of fun! Try these easy, 20-minute meals at your next family dinner. Read More

Plug in to the
Power of Family Dinners

Don’t shortchange family dinners. Sitting down to dinner with your family gives you a chance to talk to your parents. Read More

Tame the Cost of Hair Care

The following tips may help you make a statement without damaging your hair or breaking the bank. Read More

Facing Up To Facebook

You know how Facebook works. You post a status update, share some photos and maybe write on someone’s wall. You’re in control of what’s out there about you, right? Nope. Read More

Precaución: Reparaciones de autos adelante

Las reparaciones de autos pueden ser estresantes. Existe la preocupación de cuánto será la factura total, además del inconveniente de quedarse sin su carro mientras se hacen las reparaciones. Ah, y no olvidemos la duda persistente de si lo tratarán de forma justa o lo estafarán. Read More

The Low-down on Artificial Sweeteners

The holidays and all the sweet treats they bring may be a distant memory, but spring can bring on sugar shock, too. How many chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and King cakes will you try to resist this year? Read More

Organize Your Records and Save on Taxes

According to the Government Accountability Office, an
estimated 2 million taxpayers each year overpay their
taxes by failing to take all their entitled deductions. Read More

Avoid Major Headaches When Naming Minors as Beneficiaries

Naming children as beneficiaries or contingent beneficiaries of an insurance policy, retirement account or payable-on-death account seems a natural way to provide for those you love. But special care must be taken to ensure that, should the children inherit as minors, the money provides for them in the way you intend. Read More

Spotlight on … Spring Migrations

Every spring, 5 billion North American birds fly north to their summer breeding grounds. Read More

Ask a Financial Advisor: Which Type of IRA is Right for You?

There are two main types of IRAs – traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs – and both offer tax advantages. Read More

What Does Your Credit Score Say about You?

Whether you are looking to buy a car, refinance a mortgage or rent an apartment for the first time, your credit score can tell a lot about your financial history. Read More

Hoping to Sell? How to Make Your Home “The One”

Although it’s a challenging time to put your home on the market, there are steps you can take to help change your “for sale” sign to “sold.” Read More

Hey Baby Boomers! We’re Here for You

At Navigator Credit Union, we make it our mission to serve your financial needs at every age and stage of life. If you belong to the baby boom generation (those born from 1946 to 1964), then you’re in good company. Read More

Planee con anticipación
Otorgue un poder legal

Planear por adelantado lo prepara para las situaciones inesperadas. Por ejemplo, usted posiblemente tenga un fondo de emergencia para cubrir seis meses de gastos; o pólizas de seguro para su hogar, salud y automóvil. Pero, ¿ha otorgado un poder legal para manejar todos sus asuntos en caso de que usted no fuera capaz de hacerlo?… Read More

Italian Pasta Toss with Fresh Mozzarella

Serves 8 Looking for a fast and healthy dish that you can throw together in the time it takes to boil a box of noodles? This hearty pasta salad is big on flavor and nutrients. Loaded with whole grains, low-fat protein, good fats and vitamin C, it works equally well as a main course or… Read More

Do You Know Your Investment Lingo?

The investment world is filled with many acronyms and terms – some that you’re probably familiar with, like IRA (individual retirement account) and some that may be unfamiliar, like ETF (exchange-traded fund). Test your investment smarts by filling in the investment lingo crossword puzzle, using the definitions below. Across 3. An indicator that represents the… Read More

New Enhancement to ’N Touch Web

Navigator is proud to announce Check Imaging, a brand new feature available to ’N Touch Web users. With the click of a mouse, you can now view a copy of a cleared check drawn on your account immediately after it posts. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Log on to ’N Touch Web at… Read More

e-Alerts: Helping You Stay on Top of Your Finances

Life moves quickly, and your finances need to keep up. With e-Alerts from Navigator Credit Union, you can receive an email or text message within minutes of account transactions like withdrawals or direct deposits. It’s a free* and easy way to monitor your money on the go. To set up your personalized e-Alerts, log in… Read More

Don’t Let Emotions Drive Your Investment Decisions

Content developed by CUNA Brokerage Services, provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm, CRPC® Emotions play an important role in some of the most important decisions we make, such as the person we choose to marry, the friends we choose to spend time with, or the home we choose to buy. But when it comes to investing,… Read More

Keeping a Lid on Big Bills

As any new college graduate will tell you, managing a budget usually means living on ramen noodles, taking the bus and sometimes living without insurance. But without insurance, these young adults may be setting themselves up for overwhelming bills should something happen. Health Insurance Options What would happen if an accident or health scare occurred?… Read More

How Navigator Credit Union Can Make You a Winner in the New Year

If you’re losing patience with the high fees and poor customer service found at many banks, start the new year off right. Take advantage of the benefits below and you’ll see why Navigator members are winners. We provide all the sophisticated tools banks offer – such as online bill pay, automatic transfers, direct deposit, shared… Read More

Retirement Worries
You Can Manage Debt and Still Retire

Prior to 2008, retirement was an eagerly anticipated milestone for many people. The state of the economy, however, changed that. Although retirement is still possible for many, there are caveats: Be realistic about your retirement needs. Spend less than your income. Take control of how much and when you spend. Retain an emergency fund. Navigator… Read More

Top 3 Tips for Getting Your Tax Refund Faster

Americans may never agree about how much (or little) citizens should pay in taxes, but most of us agree that once our tax returns are filed, we would like to receive any refund as quickly as possible. The following tips can help. Read More

Hey Generation Y! We’re Here for You

We serve members of all ages at Navigator Credit Union, and we love it when you connect with us in a multitude of ways. Generation Y (those born in the early 1980s to mid-1990s) tend to be early adopters of technology and online services. They search for fast, secure and innovative ways to manage their… Read More

Are You Coupon Crazy?

Everyone loves getting a good deal. Now bargain shopping is easier than ever with group deal sites like Groupon® and LivingSocial, and other coupon sites offering databases of coupons and even tutorials on extreme couponing. But make sure your zeal for finding a deal doesn’t have you spending more than you save. Frugal or Frenzied?… Read More

Match the Hat

Have you heard the expression “He wears many hats” or “She has to wear many hats?” Read More

A Different Kind of Number

Roman numerals are a kind of number used hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Read More

Making Strides

Wondering how you can make a difference in your world? Read More

Great Achievers: Martin Luther King Jr.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) and what did he do? He was born a pastor’s son in 1929 in Atlanta, Ga. He went to college at the age of 15! He then went to graduate school and earned his doctorate degree. Other important events in his life include: 1954 – Became pastor of… Read More

A New Year, a New You

You may have heard your parents or teachers talk about their New Year’s resolutions, but what does that mean? A New Year’s resolution is a goal you set out to achieve in the coming year. Some examples include doing better in school, making new friends or exercising more. What are some resolutions you can try?… Read More

Crossword – Double Meaning – Double Take

Have you ever noticed that many words have more than one meaning? Read More

Why Do Parents Say No?

Sometimes parents say “no” when children ask for money or want their parents to buy things for them. Read More

How to Keep Your Money Safe

Bobby was excited to get a birthday card from his grandparents. He tore it open right at the mailbox. As he read the card, he didn’t see the crisp, new $20 bill fall out. Suzie hid three weeks’ worth of allowance in her school desk. She planned to go shopping with her best friend after… Read More

Talking Turkey

It’s fall and that means it’s time for turkey! Before you sit down for your next meal, chew on these fun turkey facts. The pilgrims get credit for starting the turkey tradition. In fact, a book written 22 years after that first Thanksgiving started this tale. The pilgrims likely ate more venison (deer meat) than… Read More

Is It Worth Standing in Line For?

When the latest iPhone® was released, hundreds of people stood in line to get their hands on the gadget. It can be exciting to be the first to have something new, but you should stop and think: Is this something I really want? Don’t Get Swept Up If all of your friends are raving about… Read More

Ready for Dating?

Have you reached an age where you feel ready to start dating? Before you head out to your first movie, you should be sure to discuss it with your parents. You can talk about expectations such as curfews, spending money and who you may date. Safety is another important topic you should cover with your… Read More

Shy? Bring Out The OUTGOING YOU!

Mr. Cosgrove called Olivia’s name, and she made her way to the front of the class. It was time to give her presentation. She was prepared, but once she got up in front of everyone, her knees started knocking and her palms began to sweat. A lot of teens are shy, especially when they have… Read More

When Concerts Hit a Sour Note

Going to a concert is a lot of fun. You get to see and hear one of your favorite artists live, hang out with friends and make lifelong memories. Before you stand in line for tickets or select “Purchase Ticket” with your computer, think about some of the costs you may not have considered. Ticket… Read More

Money Management: How To Avoid Mistakes

Being a young adult means you have more opportunities to earn money than you did as a child. Over time, you’ll also have more access to financial tools such as a checking account, credit card, auto loan, mortgage and more. But all of these products come with a huge responsibility, and lots of people make… Read More

Take a Procrastination Vacation

Now that the new school year has started, you may find your schedule quickly filling up. Homework, extracurricular activities, friends and a part-time job might leave you feeling a bit stretched. To stay on track, follow these easy tips: Make a daily list. At the beginning of each day, make a list of five things… Read More

Sample Real Money Winter 2001 post

Pellentesque ut mauris nisl. Fusce turpis lacus, tempus ultrices pretium et, pretium quis metus. Read More

Put a Stake in Vampire Power

Did you know devices like DVD players, cell phone chargers, computers and microwaves all use power, even when they’re not turned on? This standby power is sometimes called “vampire” power because it’s sucked from the outlet, even when the device is shut off. So what can you do? Unplug your video game console. You may… Read More

Starting Healthy
Revolutionizing Your Lunch

The next time you sit down in the cafeteria for lunch, take a look at what’s on your tray. Do you have a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables? Or are the main colors white and brown, and your main food group “fried”? Eating healthy is important, even when you’re a teen. You may not… Read More

Need Cash? Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be a great way to earn cash to pay for the fun things you like to do, as well as save for the things you hope to do in the future. Generate Ideas If you enjoy making jewelry for friends, ask your parents if it’s OK to try selling a… Read More

Your Money:
Making Good Choices

Have you ever heard the term “opportunity cost”? The concept can help you get a handle on your spending. It means the cost of passing up the next best choice when making a decision. For example, say there’s a concert coming up by one of your favorite artists, and you’d love to go. But it’s… Read More

¿Cargos ocultos? No en esta cooperativa de crédito

En Navigator, no nos asusta divulgar nuestras cuotas. Read More

What’s New for First-Time Homebuyers?

With the low interest rates on home loans from credit unions and great deals to be had in the housing market, the mantra these days seems to be “now is the time to buy!” Read More

The Truth about Debt: It’s Not All Bad

Debt is a four-letter word – and it’s often used like one. We avoid it. We spurn it. We don’t mention it in polite company. But debt isn’t all bad. In fact, debt can actually help you build wealth – if you learn to use it wisely. Navigator Credit Union can help you sort out the good from the bad. Read More

Hey, Generation X! Navigator Credit Union Is Here for You

At Navigator Credit Union, we provide value to all our members – no matter your age Read More

Beyond Your Emergency Fund

Where to Safely Stash More Cash at Navigator Credit Union

Financial experts recommend having three to six months’ worth of living expenses in a regular savings account in case of emergency. If you’ve followed this advice and have reached your savings goal, don’t stop saving! Now’s a great time to consider other highest yield savings options that can help take your money to new heights…. Read More

Maximize Your Tax Savings before Year-End

If you find doing your taxes about as much fun as, say, flossing, then welcome to the club! It’s a club more than 182 million strong – the number of income tax returns filed in 2009, according to the Internal Revenue Service. To make your “club membership” a bit more enjoyable, consider adopting any of… Read More


This butternut squash soup is simple to prepare and chock-full of nutrients, such as beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin C and potassium. INGREDIENTS 2 pounds butternut squash, peeled and chopped 5 cups of low-sodium chicken stock 1 teaspoon dried rosemary 1 teaspoon ground sage ¼ cup 1% or skim milk Salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Add… Read More

Harvesting Autumn’s Healthy Bounty

Seasons like winter and summer often inspire you to adopt healthy habits. With winter comes the New Year and resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. In the summer, warmer weather encourages us to get outside and move and an abundance of healthy produce is available to make light, summery meals. You may not think… Read More


Spotlight on … Pumpkins

Fruit or vegetable? Pumpkins are fruits and are part of the gourd family, along with squash and cucumbers. The “pumpkin capital of the world” is Morton, Ill. It holds its annual Morton Pumpkin Festival in mid-September. Eighty percent of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October, just in time for Halloween… Read More

Interest Rates and the Federal Reserve

Content developed by CUNA Brokerage Services, provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm, CRPC®

The collapse of the world financial markets during late 2008 and into 2009 led many Americans to question the role, and ability, of the Federal Reserve to manage the monetary policy of our country. While the experts debated whether the Federal Reserve went too far or not far enough, the rest of us were asking… Read More

Don’t Get Sideswiped

GAP Insurance Coverage for Auto Loans

Accidents happen. But what happens if your car is totaled, but its value is less than the amount you still owe on your auto loan? It’s called a coverage gap, and you may have to pay the difference out of pocket. That’s where Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can be a lifesaver. A GAP policy covers… Read More

Live Big, Think Small

Enriching Your Life – Rather than Your Lifestyle

Being tight with one’s money used to carry negative connotations. Cheap Charlie. Frugal Fanny. Stingy Stu. Now it’s much more mainstream to meet economic challenges head-on. Cost-conscious Cathy. Economical Ellie. Thrifty Ted. Practical Living on Less Taking control of your finances to improve your life is different than concentrating on lifestyle enhancements. It may even… Read More

Your Voice Matters

Navigator Credit Union experienced a very successful year in 2015, ending the year with solid growth in deposits, loans, capital and membership . In fact, Navigator Credit Union now has more than 47,500 memberowners with assets of more than $324 million . The growth we continue to enjoy in 2016 is the result of the… Read More

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Sample Anchor Lines Fall 2011 post

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Some latin filler. Read More

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Sample Anchor Lines Spring 2011 post

Bottom kicker

Some latin filler. Read More

Sample Real Money Fall 2001 post

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Sample Navvi News Fall 2001 post

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Sample Anchor Lines Summer 2011 post


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