Round up and save

When you enroll in Save’N Up, every purchase you make with your Navigator debit card will automatically round up to next dollar. The difference between the amount of the purchase and the next whole dollar amount will be transferred from your checking account to your high-interest earning Save’N Up Savings Account. The more you use your debit card for everyday purchases – whether running errands in town or shopping online – the more you save!
Save'N Up 5.5% APY Interest

Match your contributions

As another savings incentive, Navigator will match up to $300 each year on the amount you’ve saved through rounding up when you use your debit card in the credit/signature mode and are enrolled to receive e-Statements. A 100% match will be made the first month you’re in Save’N Up, with a 10% match after 30 days. Then, at the end of each quarter, the match will be applied to your Save’N Up Savings Account based on the accumulated round-up contributions.

Save"N Up $300 Matching Contributions

The Save’N Up Debit Card Savings Program is a great savings incentive, no matter your age or account balance. In fact, there are no minimum balance requirements to open or maintain your Save’N Up Savings Account.