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¿Cargos ocultos? No en esta cooperativa de crédito

En Navigator, no nos asusta divulgar nuestras cuotas. Read More

What’s New for First-Time Homebuyers?

With the low interest rates on home loans from credit unions and great deals to be had in the housing market, the mantra these days seems to be “now is the time to buy!” Read More

The Truth about Debt: It’s Not All Bad

Debt is a four-letter word – and it’s often used like one. We avoid it. We spurn it. We don’t mention it in polite company. But debt isn’t all bad. In fact, debt can actually help you build wealth – if you learn to use it wisely. Navigator Credit Union can help you sort out the good from the bad. Read More

Hey, Generation X! Navigator Credit Union Is Here for You

At Navigator Credit Union, we provide value to all our members – no matter your age Read More

Beyond Your Emergency Fund

Where to Safely Stash More Cash at Navigator Credit Union

Financial experts recommend having three to six months’ worth of living expenses in a regular savings account in case of emergency. If you’ve followed this advice and have reached your savings goal, don’t stop saving! Now’s a great time to consider other highest yield savings options that can help take your money to new heights…. Read More

Maximize Your Tax Savings before Year-End

If you find doing your taxes about as much fun as, say, flossing, then welcome to the club! It’s a club more than 182 million strong – the number of income tax returns filed in 2009, according to the Internal Revenue Service. To make your “club membership” a bit more enjoyable, consider adopting any of… Read More


This butternut squash soup is simple to prepare and chock-full of nutrients, such as beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin C and potassium. INGREDIENTS 2 pounds butternut squash, peeled and chopped 5 cups of low-sodium chicken stock 1 teaspoon dried rosemary 1 teaspoon ground sage ¼ cup 1% or skim milk Salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Add… Read More

Harvesting Autumn’s Healthy Bounty

Seasons like winter and summer often inspire you to adopt healthy habits. With winter comes the New Year and resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. In the summer, warmer weather encourages us to get outside and move and an abundance of healthy produce is available to make light, summery meals. You may not think… Read More


Spotlight on … Pumpkins

Fruit or vegetable? Pumpkins are fruits and are part of the gourd family, along with squash and cucumbers. The “pumpkin capital of the world” is Morton, Ill. It holds its annual Morton Pumpkin Festival in mid-September. Eighty percent of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October, just in time for Halloween… Read More

Interest Rates and the Federal Reserve

Content developed by CUNA Brokerage Services, provided by Jeffrey C. Hamm, CRPC®

The collapse of the world financial markets during late 2008 and into 2009 led many Americans to question the role, and ability, of the Federal Reserve to manage the monetary policy of our country. While the experts debated whether the Federal Reserve went too far or not far enough, the rest of us were asking… Read More

Don’t Get Sideswiped

GAP Insurance Coverage for Auto Loans

Accidents happen. But what happens if your car is totaled, but its value is less than the amount you still owe on your auto loan? It’s called a coverage gap, and you may have to pay the difference out of pocket. That’s where Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can be a lifesaver. A GAP policy covers… Read More

Live Big, Think Small

Enriching Your Life – Rather than Your Lifestyle

Being tight with one’s money used to carry negative connotations. Cheap Charlie. Frugal Fanny. Stingy Stu. Now it’s much more mainstream to meet economic challenges head-on. Cost-conscious Cathy. Economical Ellie. Thrifty Ted. Practical Living on Less Taking control of your finances to improve your life is different than concentrating on lifestyle enhancements. It may even… Read More