15 Oct

How to help others this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day. Many families cook a turkey and eat their favorite foods. It is also a day of giving thanks for all the good things you have.

Some families may not have money for a big meal during the holidays. Other people don’t have family and friends to share it with. That’s why many people help others in need during the holiday season.

Here are some ways you and your family can help others.

Donate food to a food shelf. Ask your mom or dad to buy extra food when grocery shopping for your family’s meal. Help deliver the extra bags of food to places that give the food to those who may go hungry without it.

Make holiday cards for older people in nursing homes. There are people with few friends or family members close by. Cheer them up with a homemade holiday card just for them!

Serve food to the homeless. Find a group that is planning to serve a meal to those in need on Thanksgiving. See if your family is willing to volunteer and help serve the meal.

Invite another family to your holiday dinner. Do you have a friend at school whose family is not able to have a special dinner? Ask your parents if you can invite them to your house.

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